Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones, Mexico

In the words of our patient, stem cell therapy in Los Algodones gave her hope.

She was suffering from a no. of autoimmune conditions, slowly stealing her life away.

But after the treatment, she feels more alive!

She even called our recommended clinic, the fountain of life.

Look forward to a new life!

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Want to heal naturally? Try stem cell therapy in Los Algodones, Mexico!

It’s among the best minimally-invasive treatments for chronic conditions.

But what are stem cells? How do they work?

And why is Los Algodones the ideal destination for this therapy?

Read on for answers!

In the words of our patient, stem cell therapy in Los Algodones gave her hope.

She was suffering from several autoimmune conditions, slowly stealing her life away.

But after the treatment, she feels more alive!

She even called our recommended clinic, the fountain of life.

Stem Cells Therapy in Mexico — Reviews

Doubtful about getting stem cell treatment in Los Algodones, Mexico?

Check out reviews by our happy patients!

Watch Katie’s Journey to Reduced Symptoms
Christina’s Experience With Stem Cell Therapy

Timothy Gunnells


This was the best health experience ever.

I went with limited mobility & constant joint pain due to Psoriatic arthritis. 

Within a few months after my therapy, my family said I was back to myself again.

Linda Young


Their expertise, kindness, cleanliness, and genuine concern exceeded expectations.

With the apprehension of ever doing something like this, they have put my mind at ease.

Thank you all again for your passion for helping people.

4 Reasons to Choose Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

Getting stem cells in Mexico is useful because of the following:

4 Reasons To Opt for Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones

Why Get Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones?

Want to understand stem cells in detail? Read on!

Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones

Stem cells are unspecialized cells of the human body.[1]BMC
Stem cells: past, present, and future
“Stem cells are unspecialized cells of the human body. They are able to differentiate into any cell of an organism and have the ability of self-renewal. ”
View in Article

They can differentiate into various types of other cells, like nerve or liver cells.

Different Types Stem Cells Can Develop Into

They Transform Into Various Cell Types

One of these special types of cells is the multipotent Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC).

These adult stem cells are present in many places in your body.

For instance, the bone marrow, skin, and fat tissue.[2]National MS Society
Stem Cells in MS
“adult stem cells found in several places in the body, including the bone marrow, skin and fat tissue. ”
View in Article

They have self-renewable & immunomodulatory properties.[3]NCBI
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Immunomodulation
“MSCs have inherent immunomodulatory characteristics, trophic capabilities, high in vitro self-renewal ability”
View in Article

These properties help treat any damaged tissue or organs in your body.

They stimulate the recovery of your body’s natural immune system.

Thus, helping reduce inflammation and regulate your bodily processes.

You should know that a few other types (like embryonic cells) can be unethical.

MSCs (a type of adult stem cells) don’t pose any ethical concerns.[4]AHA Journals
Adult Stem Cells
“adult stem cells carry no ethical baggage regarding their isolation”
View in Article

Now, we all have these stem cells in our bodies.

But with age or disease, they can lower in number or get damaged.

That’s where stem cell therapy comes in.

Stem cell therapy works in 2 stages.

  1. Slows down the damage.
  2. Regenerates tissues.

Stem cell treatment involves administering concentrated cells to a specific area in the body.

These cells can settle in the damaged area and adapt to the existing cells’ properties.

Then they help restore some of the functions lost due to a disease or injury.

Let’s Understand Stem Cells Better

Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones for Different Diseases


Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones for Autism

Autism is a disability caused by differences in the brain.

It leads to difficulties in communication & interaction.[5]CDC
Signs and Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder
“People with ASD often have problems with social communication and interaction, and restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests.”
View in Article

Signs and Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder
“Avoids or does not keep eye contact…Has obsessive interests…Delayed language skills…Repeats words or phrases over and over…Unusual eating and sleeping habits…”
View in Article

  • Poor eye contact
  • Obsessive interests
  • Unusual eating or sleeping habits
  • Repeating phrases over and over
  • Delayed learning and language skills

Stem cell therapy for autism can boost neural connectivity & reduce inflammation.

This can help autistic children by improving their speech & social relationships.[7]NCBI
Stem Cell Therapies for Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder—A Systematic Review
“Reduction of inflammation…Restoration of neural connectivity…improvements in speech, language patterns, social relationships, and brain metabolism”
View in Article


Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones for Diabetes

Diabetes occurs when the body can’t effectively process the glucose you consume.

Due to this, your blood sugar levels rise.

The primary reason behind diabetes is a lack of insulin.

Insulin is the hormone responsible for metabolizing glucose.

The lack can be due to your hampered immune system.

It’s when it destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

This condition is Type 1 Diabetes.[8]NCBI
Type 2 Diabetes
“Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) accounts for 5% to 10% of DM and is characterized by autoimmune destruction of insulin-producing beta cells in the islets of the pancreas.”
View in Article

It can also be because of your body’s initial overproduction of insulin.

That happens when the body becomes insulin-resistant.

Over time, insulin production decreases. This condition is Type 2 Diabetes.[9]NCBI
Type 2 Diabetes
“In T2DM, the response to insulin is diminished…insulin is ineffective and is initially countered by an increase in insulin production to maintain glucose homeostasis, but over time, insulin production decreases”
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  • Fatigue
  • High hunger
  • Blurred vision
  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination

Stem cell therapy can help manage blood glucose levels.

It could even cut the need for external insulin injections or medication.[10]Endocrine Society
Stem-cell based therapy shows promise in treating high-risk type 1 diabetes
“stem cell-based replacement therapy has the potential to provide blood glucose control and could one day eliminate the need for injecting or dosing insulin externally”
View in Article

Stem cell therapy for diabetes can regenerate functional insulin-producing cells.[11]NCBI
Efficacy of Stem Cell Application in Diabetes Mellitus: Promising Future Therapy for Diabetes and Its Complications
“Multiple types of stem cells have been tested for their ability to regenerate functional insulin-producing cells”
View in Article

MSCs from your bone marrow can also lower HbA1c and fasting blood glucose levels.[12]Stem Cells Journal
Type 2 diabetes mellitus duration and obesity alter the efficacy of autologously transplanted bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem/stromal cells
“mesenchymal stem cell administration exhibited a reduction in HbA1c and fasting blood glucose level in patients with a type 2 diabetes mellitus ”
View in Article


Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones for Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a degenerative disease impacting the CNS.[13]Science Direct
Chapter 16 – Multiple sclerosis
“Multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory neurodegenerative disease that affects the central nervous system. ”
View in Article

In MS, the immune system attacks the myelin.

It’s the protective covering that insulates our nerve fibers.

This damage disrupts the transfer of signals within the CNS.[14]National MS Society
Definition of Multiple Sclerosis
“The immune system attack damages the myelin…When myelin or nerve fibers are damaged or destroyed in MS, messages within the CNS are altered or stopped completely. ”
View in Article

Symptoms – Multiple sclerosis
“fatigue, vision problems, numbness and tingling, muscle spasms, stiffness and weakness, mobility problems, pain…bladder problems, bowel problems, speech and swallowing difficulties”
View in Article

  • Fatigue & pain
  • Vision problems
  • Numbness & tingling
  • Bladder & bowel problems
  • Difficulty speaking & swallowing
  • Muscle spasms, stiffness & weakness

Stem cells for multiple sclerosis can promote myelin repair.

Additionally, they release trophic factors.

These special molecules aid in developing and growing neurons in the brain.[16]Medical News Today
Stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis
“their release of trophic factors, which are molecules that help neurons in the brain develop”
View in Article


Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones for Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis is an autoimmune disease.

It causes the spine and other body areas to become inflamed.[17]NHS
Overview -Ankylosing spondylitis
“Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a long-term condition in which the spine and other areas of the body become inflamed.”
View in Article

Symptoms -Ankylosing spondylitis
“Back pain and stiffness…Fatigue…psoriasis… inflammatory bowel disease”
View in Article

  • Fatigue
  • Psoriasis
  • Back pain and stiffness
  • Inflammatory bowel disease

Studies have shown the safety & benefits of MSC infusion in patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

They show a reduction in symptoms & a decrease in the disease’s severity.

Also, the treatment causes no severe side effects.[19]Marquette University e-Publications
Ankylosing Spondylitis and Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem Cell Therapy: A New Therapeutic Approach
“MSC infusion in AS patients is a safe and beneficial choice with no severe side effects, and is effective in decreasing the related clinical symptoms and severity of the disease”
View in Article

The clinics in Los Algodones, Mexico, can also treat you for:

How Long Should I Stay in Los Algodones for Stem Cell Therapy?

Doctor Explains: 5-Step Stem Cell Treatment

You may need to stay for five days for a stem cell therapy procedure in Los Algodones.

Here is a breakdown of the daily activities:

Day 1: You’ll have consultations with the medical team & receive IV nutrition with oxygen therapy.

Day 2: Doctors will administer stem cells to the target area.

Day 3: Rest day.

Day 4: You will receive IV nutrition again.

Day 5: The final day includes stem cell activation therapy.

Aftercare for Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones

After stem cell therapy, you may face certain side effects in the first 2 weeks.

These side effects may include:

  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy
  • Slight pain or discomfort in the application area

Week 3: Schedule a follow-up visit with a nutritionist to ensure proper care & monitoring.

Post 100 days/ 1 year: Follow-up tests will be done to see the effectiveness of the therapy.

While the year goes by, here’re some dos and don’ts you should take care of.


  • Organic food🥗
  • Music therapy🎶
  • Aromatherapy✨
  • Yoga & meditation🧘
  • 8 hours of restful sleep💤


  • Steam & sauna bath🛀
  • Nicotine & hard drinks🍷
  • Junk & processed food🍕
  • Temperature variations🌤️
  • Physical & mental stress🙍‍♀️

We have the perfect clinic for you!

They will take care of you not only during therapy but also during aftercare.

Best Clinic for Stem Cells in Los Algodones

We recommend GIOSTAR for stem cell therapy in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Why? Because of the following benefits!


  1. Free shuttle service
  2. It’s within walking distance of the border.
  3. Only a 10-minute drive from Yuma, Arizona.
  4. Medical attention & follow-up are available 24/7.

More treatment options

In the US, the only stem cell treatment currently approved is the blood cell transplantation.[20]Harvard
What stem cell-based therapies are currently available
“Currently, the only stem cell-based treatment that is routinely reviewed and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is hematopoietic (or blood) stem cell transplantation. ”
View in Article

This law restricts the scope of treatment.

In Mexico, however, doctors can legally perform various other treatments.

For e.g., apart from IV blood cell transplants, GIOSTAR can do intrathecal therapy for MS too.

Alternative source for stem cells

Mexico allows using donor stem cells.

They’re a boon for those who may not be suitable for using their own cells.

Bonus benefit: Highly accomplished doctors!

Stem Cell Clinicians & Medical Doctors in Algodones, Mexico

Dr. Anand Srivastava | Chairman of GIOSTAR

Dr. Anand Srivastava – Chief Scientific Officer

  • An expert in immunology & gene therapy, among other things.
  • He’s also the Chairman & Co-founder of GIOSTAR.
  • 15+ yrs of research in stem cell therapy makes him a pioneer in the field.
Dr. Daniel Garza | Medical Doctor in Los Algodones

Dr. Daniel Garza – Medical Director

  • Dr. Garza is a graduate of the esteemed UAG.
  • He’s been the MD of GIOSTAR since 2016.
  • The surgeon also holds diplomas in regenerative medicine & diabetology.
Diana Esquivel | Head of Laboratory at GIOSTAR

Diana Esquivel – Head of Laboratory

  • Diana has done many courses in regenerative medicine & cell therapy.
  • She also studied immuno-oncology at Harvard.
  • She’s in the Mexican Council of Stem Cells for Therapeutic Research.
Dr. Rangnath Mishra | Medical Doctor in Los Algodones

Dr. Mishra – Scientific Advisor

  • Dr. Mishra is a leader in regenerative therapy for kidneys & lungs.
  • He was also a research associate at CWRU.
  • He has won many research fellowship awards!
Pamela Valtierra | Head Dietitian at GIOSTAR

Pamela Valtierra – Head Dietitian

  • Pamela has a bachelor’s in nutrition & food sciences from UIA.
  • She holds certifications in IV nutrition, ketogenic diet, and oncology.
  • Was the head of nutrition dept. at Mexicali General Hospital.
Dr. Felipe Contla | Anesthesiologist at GIOSTAR

Dr. Felipe Contla – Anesthesiologist

  • Dr. Felipe is a talented surgeon and a proud UABC graduate.
  • He specialized in anesthesiology at UNAM.
  • He’s also a member of the Mexican College of Anesthesiologists.

GIOSTAR’s medical staff has 8 to 28 years of experience.

What’s more? They can all speak fluent English!

Is Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico Safe?

Yes! Stem cell therapy in Mexico offers a safe & regulated environment for patients.

Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones, Mexico is Safe

Mexico’s Stem Cell Therapy Is Safe & Sound

1. Regulatory Compliance

GIOSTAR Mexico has all the legal licenses needed to operate a cell bank & lab.

2. Qualified Personnel

All medical centers of GIOSTAR around the world have highly skilled clinicians.

Their expertise contributes to your safety.

3. Routine Inspections

COFEPRIS does regular inspections to verify GIOSTAR’s compliance with safety demands.

It also checks the correct use of patient information.

It ensures that the facilities, supplies & personnel meet safety standards.

COFEPRIS is the Mexican equivalent of the American FDA.

4. Personalized Evaluation

GIOSTAR asks each applicant to submit a health history form.

This ensures the treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs.

Thus helping enhance safety and effectiveness.

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Los Algodones, Mexico

Stem cell therapy in Mexico is highly affordable compared to countries like the US & Canada.

Why is that, you ask? Due to its low cost of living!

The cost of living in Mexico is 48% less than in the US & 40% less than in Canada.[21]Expatistan
Cost of living in Mexico compared to Canada
“Cost of living in Mexico is 40% cheaper than in Canada”
View in Article
Cost of living in Mexico compared to United States
“Cost of living in Mexico is 48% cheaper than in United States”
View in Article

Also, it’s not solely dependent on autologous stem cells.

That’s because using donor stem cells in Mexico is legal.

Thanks to this, you get more treatment options & medical costs also decrease.

Want to find the price for your treatment? Request a free quote today!

Medical Tourism in Los Algodones, México

Living in the US? You will find it best to drive through the Andrade, California border.

Driving Time: US Cities to LA, Mexico
US City Time Miles
Yuma, AZ 25 min 12.9
San Diego, CA 2 hr 41 min 165.6
Phoenix, AZ 3 hr 2 min 194.1
Tucson, AZ 3 hr 36 min 245.6

Our recommended clinic is only 2 blocks from the border.

So, you can walk across if you leave your car at the border.

For your convenience, GIOSTAR has a free shuttle service.

All you need to do is inform your patient coordinator a week before arrival.

In case you need wheelchair-friendly transportation, inform them 3 weeks beforehand.

Fun Fact🌎

Los Algodones is in Baja California. “Baja” means “Lower” in Spanish.

This is too apt since the state is in the southern region of California.[23]Britannica
Baja California state, Mexico
“bounded to the north by the United States (California and Arizona)”
View in Article

Hotels in Los Algodones

Two of the best hotels in Los Algodones, Mexico, are:

Hotel Hacienda in Los Algodones, Mexico

Hotel Hacienda

Hotel Hacienda

The hotel is 4 blocks from the border.

Spacious rooms & secure parking, among other features, make it a convenient place to stay.

What’s more?

Hotel Hacienda is pet-friendly!

Cielito Lindo in Los Algodones, Mexico

Cielito Lindo

Cielito Lindo

The hotel is in Mediplaza, the same place where the GIOSTAR clinic is located.

The 5-star accommodation also offers special discounts!

Plus, you’ll find cafes, restaurants & spa at your disposal!

Tourist Spots Near Los Algodones

Los Algodones is a small border town more famous for its medical tourism than sightseeing.

But since it’s right across the border from Yuma, you can add many fun activities to your itinerary.

These include:

  • River tubing in Yuma
  • Picnic at the West Wetlands Park in Yuma
  • A visit to Casa De Coronado Museum in Yuma
  • Fun evening in Stewart Vincent Wolf Creative Playground in Yuma

Don’t forget to carry your passport with you!

Have more questions? Contact us!


Are stem cells legal in Los Algodones, Mexico?

Yes! Stem cells are legal in Los Algodones, Mexico.[24]Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Based Treatment Legislation in Latin America
“ it issues licenses for procurement, isolation, or preserving stem and progenitor cells…allows the application of plateletrich plasma and other autologous procedures”
View in Article

COFEPRIS, the equivalent of the American FDA, issues licenses for using stem cells. It monitors clinics like GIOSTAR with regular inspections as well.


Let MTC help restore your health without invasive treatments!

You can bid your diseases goodbye with stem cell therapy in Los Algodones, Mexico.

And welcome a wholesome, pain-free life while saving money on quality care!

Get started on your new life with a free quote today!


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