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So usually, it’s a five-day treatment that starts with vitamins, hyperbaric-chamber, then we do the stem cell treatment.

For me, one of the diseases where we can see a lot of difference is in osteoarthritis & orthopaedic treatments.

It’s amazing how you see difference there.

Skin diseases it helps a lot in autoimmune diseases as well. Well, the stem cells, what they do is help with the tissues that need to regenerate, the tissues that are damaged.

But it’s not only the effect that the stem cells do, but they do another kind of reaction, which is that they start with inflammation in the body, and that way, the body starts another regenerative process, and they actually call other cells to come where there’s damage to help and start a really big regenerative process.

We like to talk to patients before they are here. Study their medical records to see which is the best treatment that we can give to them.

Not just one kind of disease. Sometimes, they have a disease that is a good criteria to do the stem cells.

But they are taking any medications, or they have any other condition that, um, like a contraindication for the stem cells or for the treatment.

So we have to see all the medical records to be sure they are a good candidate.

And once we know we can help them, we develop this schedule for them, which involves treatments– not just stem cells but if it’s needed, neural therapy, vitamins, hyperbaric chamber, because the idea is not just to give the stem cells but to prepare the body.

So the stem cells, when they have the treatment, they come into a better environment. So, our body is more prepared to receive them, and they’ll work even better.

So, usually, it’s a five-day treatment that starts with vitamins, hyperbaric chamber, then we do the stem cell treatment.

If it’s needed, um, sometimes we do one or two stem cell treatments on the same week, in case if it’s needed.

So we do hyperbaric chamber always before and after. Each stem cell, another, uh, stem cell treatment, and then again, vitamins and hyperbaric chamber to finish the treatment.

That we have to understand that we’re doing regenerative medicine, but naturally, our bodies they’re aging.

We are degenerating with every second, every year. So it’s like a race between regeneration and degeneration, and that’s why we have to continue doing the treatment.

It depends on every patient, but we have to do it usually every six or every month to repeat the treatment.”


A stem cell transplant in Costa Rica is a 5-day treatment that could take you from a painful life to a rewarding one!

All with the magic of regenerative medicine.

It’s time to win the battle against whatever disease you have through stem cell therapy in Costa Rica!

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