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Spokane Client Reviews Tijuana – Mexico for Bariatric Surgery

This is a video testimonial of a happy client from Spokane, Washington who traveled across the border for affordable bariatric surgery in Tijuana – Mexico.

Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific results.
Video Transcription
“My name is Rebekka Susso, I’m coming from Spokane, Washington, and I came to have the gastric sleeve completed. I fought with private insurance for 6 months and they refused to pay for it so I saved my money and came here instead because it’s cheaper. Over 20,000 Dollars here by having it here versus having it done in the states. I heard from Cyril in about probably less than 20 minutes when I sent my first e-mail and then every time I would e-mail her, she would automatically just e-mail me just really quick to answer all my questions.

Rebekka with her Destination Manager in Tijuana - Mexico
Rebekka with her Destination Manager in Tijuana – Mexico

“The hotel is very clean, very comfortable. It’s very centralized. Drew was.. my son was.. who came with me was able just to walk down the street and get tacos and be fed. So very clean, and everybody was very, very polite, very helpful and always there to answer any questions. Ah.. they have all been very polite, very professional and not afraid to answer any questions that I have.
“Karen was waiting for us when we pulled in with our driver Louis. She took us in, got us straight upstairs to our motel room, very helpful, hung out with me on the day of surgery so I wasn’t quite so nervous; took my son to show him a great place to eat and places for him to go and gave us direction. My experience was awesome. I have no pain today, I could go home today but I’m not allowed but I would if I had to do it again, all over again, absolutely I would.”
Check out Rebekka’s inspiring transformation in this before-and-after picture:

Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana - Before-and-After

MTC Feedback

Disclaimer: Weight loss results may vary from individual to individual. We do not guarantee any specific results.
Her feedback on her experience in Tijuana with MTC:

  • The driver – Very good
  • The hotel – Excellent
  • The case manager – Excellent
  • The doctor – Excellent
  • The hospital/clinic – Excellent
  • The destination manager – Excellent
  • MTC overall service – Excellent

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