Testimonial – Spine Surgery in Spain

Spinal disc replacement surgery in Spain¬†turned out to be a great decision for this architect from California, USA, as he returned to his normal activities within a few days after the operation. 2 years later, as he records this video, he describes the whole expereince as “amazing.”

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Video Transcription:

“I did a lot of research on it because it’d be nice to have it done here but there’s only a select few hospital that I know of and they can only do one level and I needed to have three levels done so that defeated the purpose to have one artificial disc replacement and two fused, I mean that didn’t make any sense so I chose to go outside the country.”

Communication from MTC

“It was pretty instantaneous you know. You pop a question and they reply right back. I had questions about the doctor and about how the billing will go and all that and they’re pretty quick about responding to that.”


“Put at three levels – the surgery, the hotel and everything, I believe it was around 32,000 Euros, so it’s about $43,000. March 7, 2012 – two years ago, today.”

Post-op experience

“It was just amazing. I mean I was anticipating a lot of pain, a lot of you know, discomfort but I was able to move around and I had a 5hour car drive that weekend after surgery and I had no complications, no issues, whatsoever.

“Instantly I had my mobility back, and that’s amazing. The way I had follow-up check-ups was I went out and had MRIs…not MRIs but x-rays done and sent them back to the hospital for the doctor to look over and it takes about a week to get there and in a week or two I had an answer that everything was okay and you know, they matched it and then I went on vacation twice to Europe, had x-rays taken there in Spain and they compared the original one with the new one and everything was still in the same place, so it was done the first time, the right thing.

“The first two or three weeks, you take is pretty easy because I mean everything is fresh, everything has to heal. Then about 3 months after that I did everything I did before. I mean I didn’t have to stop doing anything…drive my motorcycle, do anything I want.”


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