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Spine Surgery in India

Spine SurgerySpine surgery in India has, of late, attracted a number of foreign patients, with the pocket-friendly treatment and well-trained surgeons being the major draws.

Also, the quality of spinal treatment in India is at par with that found in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

According to a report published in the Indian daily Business Standard in November 2012, “Medical tourism industry in India has a potential to contribute around 25 per cent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the next five years, if fully-tapped.”

Medical tourism in India is gradually picking up momentum as the country offers several options for value-for-money treatments.

Reasons to Go For Spinal Surgery in India

If the physician back home alarms you to get a back surgery for that dreadful pain, and the treatment cost is pilfering your sleep, India may prove as your savior.

  • Along with the low cost of spine surgery in India , what comes in the package is the quality treatment, backed by the cutting edge technology at its well-equipped hospitals.
  • English is a widely spoken language in India, so there won’t be any language barrier for those from the English- speaking countries. The leading hospitals of the country can also arrange for language interpreters, if requested in advance.
  • India boasts of well-qualified and competent spinal surgeons, many of whom have had their education and training from countries such as the US and the UK. Another reason for the high competency of the surgeons here is the fact that they generally deal with larger volumes of patients, as compared to their Western counterparts.
  • Many foreign patients have undergone spinal surgeries such as spinal decompression and lumbar disc replacement in India, and a lot of them have had a good experience.

This is what a patient Larry Tullos from the United States, who was assisted by Medical Tourism Corporation for a spinal surgery in India has to say – “I did not feel being long way from home with the Internet and warm hospitality of the nurses and staff.” Also, in his opinion, the spinal surgery facilities were adequate, warm and accommodating. Here is Larry’s video testimonial on his experience of getting spine surgery in India.

Need for the Back Surgery

White tiger in IndiaDoctors believe that a spine surgery may be required if there is no significant improvement in back pain, even after trying all the possible non-surgical options including physiotherapy. A study by published in the October 1, 2012 issue of Spine – a journal by Wolters Kluwer health, found that many patients with spinal stenosis do better with surgery than with the non-surgical methods.

Post-Surgery Precautions

  • Postoperative patients should avoid walking, lifting heavy weight, bending frequently, twisting or turning, and climbing, for over six weeks after surgery.
  • Also, six weeks after the surgery, your surgeon may put you on a physical therapy and exercise program to ensure speedy recovery and strength. It is important for the patients to follow all the lifestyle changes recommended by the surgeon, to make their spinal surgery a success.

Making the Most of Your Back Surgery in India

India is the land of rich cultural diversity, and during your stay here, you will get the chance to relish its natural beauty and colorful traditions. Because of the surgery, the movement might be restricted for a while and it may not be possible to venture out for sightseeing. But, you can always consult the doctor and plan a holiday accordingly to make the most of it.

India is famous for yoga, which is known to cure people of many physical and mental ailments. A combination of yoga and meditation can help a patient overcome post-treatment anxiety and recover better.

Choosing spine surgery in India can be your one-way ticket to live a pain-free life. Though the results of the surgery may vary from patient to patient, yet few lifestyle changes and proper postoperative care can help the patient return back to normal life slickly. The recovery time usually depends on the patient’s individual health and it may take anything from a few weeks to a few months.

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