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Otologist & Neurotologist Interview – Turkey

In this video, leading otologist and neurotologist from Turkey talks about his education and experience. He did his fellowship program from the University of Pittsburgh. His area of specialization includes cochlear implants, head and neck cancer surgery.

Check out the video in which the surgeon discusses his academic qualification and practice.

Following is the video narration.

“I have educated from university….. And then I have spent my career having this degree of university like associate professor, assistant professor and professor in the university and I retired in 2007 from the university. I just moved to private practice and I m working in this hospital since then.

Yes I have been in University of Pittsburgh between (for a period of an year) 1996-1997, basically worked on Otology and Neurotology, after completing my fellowship program from the University of Pittsburgh. Then I moved back to university particularly surgeries about Otology and Neurotology.

From International patient’s point of view, I guess, I am looking for treatment plans basically for cancer – head and neck cancer, which usually they do not find adequate and cost effective treatment in their countries. So I think our hospital is a good choice for their needs. So, we are trying to set up a both for tumour patients, from pathology side, surgical side and radiology, chemotherapy and we decide which treatment is the best for this kind of patient. And then, we do may be surgery for tumour or additional therapy, radio therapy or chemo therapy is planned as well.”

The surgeon in above video is an otologist and neurotologist. After completing his academic qualification, he moved to private practice in the hospital. He has been treating patients since then with head and neck cancer using tumor surgeries or therapies like radio therapy or chemo therapy.

The cost of ear surgery or neck cancer surgery or head cancer surgery is offered at pocket friendly prices in Turkey. The otologists or ear specialists in Turkey are internationally trained and hospitals are also well equipped with state-of-art technology.

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