Testimonial of Jill Misangayi who traveled from Ontario, Canada to India for a complex lumbar and cervical spinal decompression fusion surgery.


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Jill Misangayi highlights the following in her review of MTC for facilitating her lumbar and cervical spinal decompression fusion surgery in India.

  • Travelled from Ontario, Canada, to India for spinal surgery.
  • Was on pain medication for 16 years and had multiple MRIs in the past
  • None of the neurosurgeons was willing to do surgery in Canada, as she was perceived as high-risk by them
  • After surgery in India, she feels she has got her life back
  • Had a wonderful experience. The nurses, doctors hospital staff were very friendly & caring.
  • In Canada, you have to be on a waitlist to see a specialist for back pain.
  • Highly recommend India for lumbar & cervical spinal decompression fusion surgery.

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