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Dr Yash Gulati – Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon – India

Below is the video and transcript of the interview with Dr Yash Gulati, spine surgery and joint replacement expert. Dr Gulati has orthopedic and spine surgery training in England and Ireland for more than 6 years, in addition to many fellowships and courses in India, the US, Germany, and Australia.

Video Narration

“My name is Yash Gulati. I am a senior consultant in the division of joint replacement and in the division of spine surgery. I did my graduation and postgraduation from Delhi. I did my MCH in orthopedics from Liverpool in England.

I did my diploma in sports medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

I have been in this multi-specialty hospital (Apollo Hospital) for the last 12 years now. I have been travelling around the world for different conferences, attending and giving lectures in USA, Canada, Germany and various other countries.

Here, I do joint replacement like knee replacementhip replacement, revision knee replacement, revision hip replacement and various types of spine surgery including minimally invasive spine surgery like micro discectomies, and spine stabilization, when required.

I have operated on many dignitaries form this country, including the former prime minister of this country, the former president of India, many Members of Parliament, many famous sportspersons of India, Nobel Laureates, etc.

Am also the consultant to the cricket team here. Whenever there are international cricket matches, I give them [the teams] medical coverage. I have operated on the Indian captain Anil Kumble.

I have done hip replacements and knee replacements for patients from the US. I have also done spine surgeries like micro discectomies and disc replacement for patients from the US, UK, and Canada.

I have worked for many years abroad and now I have also worked here. So, am able to compare how things work there and how they work here. And I am happy to tell you that I really find no difference.

Everything is done according to the same procedure, same protocols are used.. the implants used are exactly the same [as in the US]. In fact, the packing is also the same. As far as operation theaters are concerned, our operation theaters are as good as those in any other developed countries.

The results of spine surgery and joint replacement that I am doing – I am happy to say – are comparable to that of any good center in the world. Our success rates are extremely high and infection rate is very very low because the protocols here are strict. Our blood banks have very strict protocols and hence our blood transfusions are also very safe.

We do deep vein thrombosis profile for patients who undergo joint replacement surgery.”

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