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Sheyla’s Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana – Testimonial

Read this review by Sheyla Ramirez who had her gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico. Impressed by the level of care given to her, Ramirez recommends our services “120%”.

Gastric Sleeve - Tijuana Testimonial
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This is the translated version of Sheyla’s testimonial which was originally in Spanish:

Dr. Camelo, Reina, Anesthesiologist, Receptionist, Nurses, Veronica, Ricardo and Cyrel.

Thank you very much for all your services and patience towards me. The best attention, procedure and stay I have received in my life has been from you and Oasis of Hope. No hospital in the United States has ever provided all the care my guest and I have received here.

My surgery has been a success. I fell very well and pain-free. Thank you Doctor Camelo for your good hands and your wisdom.

I will definitely recommend your services 120%.
Thank you for all the support.

Sheyla Ramirez

Rate: Five Stars

Her friend Sophie also wrote a note of appreciation (translated from Spanish) for the services provided by Medical Tourism Corporation –

The level of service and the quality of the service were incredible! All the doctors and nurses are very good! I will recommend this place to the whole world!

I am talking to all my friends and family about this very good experience.


Sophie's Review
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