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Testimonial – Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana – Mexico – Renee Boros

Renee Boros, a resident of St Petersburg, FL, who had availed the services of Medical Tourism Co. to arrange a medical trip for undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana Mexico, shares her experience.

Renee Boros Prior to Surgery Renee Boros After Surgery

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“My name is Renee Boros. I live in Saint Petersburg, FL. I contacted many different agencies regarding my weight loss surgery. Medical Tourism was the only one who was nice, pleasant, and helpful.

“The hospital was very clean and the staff was very nice and professional. I was impressed by the staff, doctors, the hospital and the recovery house. At the recovery house you have 24/7 care. The staff takes you out shopping or to do anything you would like to do. They even have a cook that prepares your soup and cooks for the staff as well as guest that go with the patients.

“The Hospital has changed my life, making the gastric surgery affordable for patients that are heavy and want to change their lives being healthier. They treat you like family there not just a patient. I lost 10 pounds the week before surgery and 17 pounds the week of my surgery Totaling 27 pounds so far.

“I priced the gastric sleeve in the US, Canada, Dominican Republic all over Tijuana was the best price and I had the best surgeon. I do plan on going back in a year to have all my extra skin removed and a boob job. I do not think my life will ever be the same again. Thanks to Hazel Ramos for making my experience easy and thank you to all of the Hospital for running a clean and helpful business.”

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