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Paul from Texas Reviews Vertical Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana – Mexico

Gastric sleeve in Tijuana reviewed by Paul Arthur who traveled all the way from Texas to Mexico for his weight loss surgery:

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Video Narration:

Paul – “Hi! My name is Paul Arthur and this is my wife Lian Arthur and we are from Texas. We came to Mexico to visit Dr. Camelo and his staff on having the gastric sleeve surgery. When we first connected to the company we got an immediate response. From that time forward everybody was very, very helpful…I was visited upon daily. And everything just fell right in place and the surgery is complete now. I am feeling great now and going back to Texas this evening.”

Lian – “It was really good. I always felt safe and as soon as we got to the airport somebody came to pick us up. And thereafter we were always taken care of. We never had to worry about anything. I actually had somebody with me when he was having surgery. They would get me something to eat and to help me find different things that I might need while he was undergoing surgery. Yes, in Tijuana we felt safe walking around. We went over to different stores across the street and looked around and we really enjoyed our time here. We felt safe all the time.”

Paul – “I felt the doctors were amazing. They came in before surgery, we sat down and had a little meeting and had the whole process explained to me and my wife … about what they were going to do. They followed through exactly what they were going to do. When the surgery was complete, they came to our room. They were with us all the time. When I left the hospital and came back to the hotel, they came to the hotel personally to see how I was feeling and to make sure that everything was taken care of and just to check on us. Very, very caring people here in Tijuana, Mexico.

The reason that we came here in Tijuana, Mexico to have our surgery – the number one reason was cost, the second reason was that I have had several clients of mine who have experienced this in Tijuana Mexico with Dr. Camelo and his staff, and there have been no issues. Every one of my clients that have had this surgery is 100% satisfied. When they got out of surgery, they had no complications, very healthy. And it is very, very safe in Tijuana Mexico.

Lian – “And I am completely happy with how they look and how they feel ever since he had his surgery.

Paul – “It’s a life changing experience and it is something that over the years I gradually gained weight. I went from a Triple-A baseball player to weighing 270 pounds at my all time high and I have a goal to get back to 200 pounds and be able to run…and continue to hunt, fish, and live a healthy lifestyle and this surgery is going to get me back where I need to be. 100% I recommend Dr. Camelo and his staff to anyone wanting to have weight loss surgery. It is very safe. Tijuana is a great place. The hospital was clean, the hotel you stay in, the people are totally amazing. It is just a totally amazing experience for myself, my family and anybody wanting to get back to the weight they desire.

Here are the gastric sleeve before and after pics of a mother-daughter duo from Canada who too had their bariatric surgery south of the border in Tijuana.

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