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Neck Surgery in Spain

Neck surgery in Spain, Europe helps relieve neck pain caused by fractures or other spinal problems at a price much lower than that quoted in other parts of Europe, US, and Canada. Since Spain borders with eight other countries in Europe, it is easily accessible.Healthcare Tourism in Spain is on the rise and this European country has firmly established itself as a top healthcare destination in the continent. With the mushrooming of state-of-the-art medical centers all over the country, one will have many options to choose from for having neck pain treatment in Spain.

Neck Surgery - Spain

Given its incredibly robust medical system, Spain has become the preferred destination for European patients who don’t want to wait their turn to undergo surgery. It’s deemed the seventh best medical tourism destination in Europe, as per rankings of the global healthcare systems released by the World Health Organization.

An Overview of Neck Surgery

  • Some of the most common types of neck surgeries performed in Spain include Discectomy, Fusion Surgery, Neck Dissection and Laminectomy.
  • Fusion surgery aims to join two or more vertebrae of the spinal column together in order to reduce pain and promote greater stability. This procedure warrants the insertion of a bone graft, an element that helps to fuse the vertebrae together.
  • Laminectomy is almost similar to discectomy. During this procedure, the surgeon will extract lamina from the spinal column to bring relief from neck pain and numbing sensations in the neck area. Once performed, the surgeon can also artificially replace spinal disks that are herniated.

  • Neck dissection is generally performed on those suffering from cancer in and around the neck. Malignant tissues, lymph nodes, and certain structures of the neck may be removed to prevent metastases.
  • Most surgeries call for the use of neck braces and collars that hold the neck in position. Rods and screws may have to be inserted if spinal fusion surgery is performed.

Are you a Candidate for Neck Surgery?

If you suffer from severe neck pain, cancer of the neck, spinal stenosis, herniated disks, deformities of the spinal column, or a broken neck, you may be able to undergo surgery to correct it.
Exorbitant fees are charged for most types of neck surgeries in the US, the UK and some parts of Europe. Since the cost of neck surgery in Spain is at least 30 to 40 percent cheaper, hordes of people suffering from neck problems are visiting the country to undergo neck surgery.

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Benefits of Undergoing Neck Pain Treatment in Spain

Even though the cost of neck pain treatment in Spain is affordable, there are many other benefits concomitant with the health care sector in Spain.

  • More than 750 hospitals in Spain work under the supervision of the Spanish Health Ministry.
  • There are 18 JCI accredited hospitals that offer quality medical services. These hospitals follow strict hygiene standards and employ only the best surgeons and staff.
  • Doctors in Spain need to finish at least 7 years of practical training before they get their degrees. They’re well aware of the latest treatment options for all types of surgeries.
  • Minimally invasive neck surgery offered in Spain helps patients recover from neck surgery at a faster rate. Most of these procedures are performed with the help of a laparoscope. This prevents severe bleeding and unnecessary complications.
  • Broken neck surgery in Spain comes with a cheaper price tag when compared to the cost of the procedure in other parts of Europe. Besides, post operative care in Spain is among the best in Europe.
  • Doctors are adept at performing laser neck surgery in Spain. Laser guided treatment options are minimally invasive, precise, and effective. So patients can recover quickly and resume normal life in a few months.
  • Neck surgery recovery may take a few months but patients needn’t worry about this because the country offers the ideal atmosphere for quick healing. Patients can check into one of the several hotels along the beaches of Spain to enjoy the weather and scenic views of the coast.
  • Hospitals in Spain are at par with some of the best hospitals in the US and the UK. They feature high end medical equipment, qualified medical professionals, and multilingual staff.

Patients should look up hospitals in Marbella, Barcelona or Madrid before undergoing neck surgery in Spain, Europe. Hospitals in big cities in Spain may be more expensive than ones in smaller towns but they do offer world class medical services at a price much cheaper than the prices charged back home.

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