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Linda Reviews Sleeve Gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico

Watch this video testimonial of Linda Parker from Louisiana reviewing sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

“My name is Linda Parker. I am from West Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I came to have Bariatric Sleeve Surgery.”

“It is much cheaper in Mexico than it is in United States. It is about $20,000 in the United States. So, it is much cheaper.”

“Here, at this time of June 30th, I believe, it was $3899 and so it is a good sale. Everybody like the sale. I googled it. I googled bariatric sleeve surgery in Mexico and once I did that I started getting e-mails and ads in my inbox. This one was just the one appealed because it was on sale.”

“Whole process has been easy. Every step of the way MedicalTourismCo guided me. On the other hand, I loved the land. Christine was great answered my questions and then she appointed me to the nutritionist and then she appointed me to Karen. Everyone along the way has been super good. Could not have been better.”

“Dr. Green was awesome, sweet doctor, caring. He made me feel comfortable. I was not afraid. I was completely confident. Once I met him, I was nervous when I got there; I am thinking, “is this, am I really doing this?” But, once I spent time with him, I was fine and I was certain that I was just going to be fine.”

“I would encourage anybody who is thinking about it to do it. It is a life change and it is just been a couple of days already. It has been a life changer and I am just excited for what’s ahead. My life will be different. Some health issued that I had will go away because I have lost the weight.”

“I would definitely recommend MedicalTourismCo to anybody who is thinking about it. They take over, they guide you every step of the way. Even in getting my passport, they were quick to ask, continue to ask me did you get your passport, everything that I needed for this trip.”

“Christine was wonderful and helping me to get that and in giving me the insight that I needed to do it.”

MTC in collaboration with world-class hospitals facilitates affordable weight loss surgery in Tijuana and other Mexico cities. Watch another satisfied client of Dr. Green’s reviewing sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico.

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