Mexico Lap Band – Testimonial

Mexico gastric lap band experience of Marilyn from Raleigh, NC. Marilyn used the services of Medical Tourism Corporation for the gastric lap banding weight loss surgery in Mexico. For more watch video interview and read her Mexico weight loss experience interview below. To start video, scroll below and click play button.


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Mexico Lap Band Experience

When her doctors recommended that she get herself ‘banded’, Marilyn knew instantly it was sound advice. They had already done a total knee replacement for her about a year ago, and surely they knew how beneficial a lap band surgery would be for her.

Also, there was her history of fight against the flab. “I had always struggled to lose weight, even when I was younger. It was always ‘lose some, gain more’,” says Marilyn, a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina. Hence, her family too was open to the idea of weight loss surgery.

The only thing that kept her from actually getting the lap band done was its forbidding cost. “My husband was very supportive. And he said the kitchen remodeling we were planning could be done next year.” But the bargain hunter in Marilyn told her there must be other feasible options open to her.

So, she started researching on the net, and it brought her to Medical Tourism Corporation, who offered her a low-cost high-quality alternative in Mexico for the lap band surgery. “When I saw the level of experience of some of the doctors affiliated to Medical Tourism’s network hospitals, I was impressed. The Mexican doctors had been doing lap band surgery for many years before doctors here in the US did. And the hospitals, too, were affiliated to very well-known names in the US. All that was comforting.

“And I thought, all things being equal, it would be wise to look into this. First of all, it (lap band surgery) was at a fraction of the cost – maybe, my kitchen could come earlier. And I loved to travel, so I made the choice.

“I was very impressed with the ease of the whole process and the speed with which Med Tourism did it. It (their site) was easily understandable, easy-to-read, easy to determine how much it would cost, etc. I was immediately assigned a ‘patient facilitator’, who answered all my queries and also put me in touch with a person who had just got her weight loss surgery done in Mexico. Her success made me feel more confident.”

When Marilyn landed in hospital Angeles at Tijuana, Mexico, for the surgery, she found everything as described. “The beds were big and comfortable. It wasn’t crowded: in fact, it was quieter than hospitals in the US. The rooms were large; there was another smaller bed for the accompanying guest.

“The medical staff was always available and there was always someone around who could speak English. The rooms and hallways were constantly cleaned.” Dr. Lopez Corvala and INAMED Certified Surgeon & a Mexico Lap Band Proctor (Teacher) performed the procedure.

Medical Tourism Corporation had also confirmed to Marilyn that she would get follow-up care – an all-important factor in the success of bariatric surgeries. This was another reason why Marilyn chose to with Medical Tourism’s recommendations.

“I feel like a normal person now. I notice that I can now exercise the knee I had surgery on; I can easily go upstairs and downtairs; I feel lighter on my legs and that’s a positive thing.” About 5 months since the mexico lap band experience Marilyn has lost 67 pounds & says that she is just 20 pounds short of her goal.

Thanks to the obesity surgery in Mexico, Marilyn feels many years were added to her life. “I feel more energetic now. My husband and I are enjoying the changes in me, it feels good.”

Medical Tourism Corporation hopes this video will help you select the right medical hospital, clinic or surgery center for Mexico lap band surgery. Gastric bypassGastric Sleeve & metabolic surgery are some of the other similar procedures that attract a number of people to Mexico. Watch more interviews on the medical tourism video page. Medical Tourism Corporation works with state-of-the-art international hospitals (Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Thailand & more), saving about 40~80% over USA medical prices. Fill out the free quote form on this page for Mexico lap band surgery information.

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