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Lumbar Total Disc Replacement in Korea

Lumbar total disc replacement surgery in Korea can be a cost saving option for people who are not able to pay for it in their own country.  Medical Tourism Co is offering pre-screened quality healthcare facilities for artificial disc replacement surgery in Korea.

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Lumbar Total Disc Replacement

Spinal Disc Replacement Surgery Details

  • This is an alternative to spinal fusion surgery for treating patients with degenerative disc diseases.
  • In this surgery, the damaged discs between the vertebral bones of the spinal cord are replaced by artificial discs.
  • The main goal of this surgery is to reduce pain caused by the damaged disc and allow motion at the damaged level.
  • The procedure is performed through an incision at the abdomen.

Patient Selection Criteria

  • American Academy of Othropaedic Surgeons recommends this surgery for those patients who:
    • Are suffering from back pain caused mostly from one or two intervertebral disks in the lumbar spine.
    • Are not excessively overweight.
    • Haven’t undergone any major surgery in the lumbar spine.
    • Do not have any deformity of the spine.
  • Only those patients are accepted who have tried but failed at least six months of non-surgical treatments such as pain medication, a back brace, or physical therapy.
  • A pre-operative health evaluation is required.  For patients considering lumbar total disc replacement surgery in Korea, the initial evaluation is based on a medical questionnaire that the patient is required to fill.  Further required tests will be done once the patient reaches the destination hospital in Korea.

Pros and Cons of Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

  • A research report published in the 2005 issue of ‘The Journal of bone and Joint Surgery’ states that lumber total disc replacement surgery is a safe and effective procedure.
  • It has the following advantages over spinal fusion surgery:
    • The replaced disc allows motion.
    • The stress is not transferred to the adjacent discs.
  • Common surgical risks such as infection, pain, nerve damage, disc inflammation, reaction to anaesthesia, etc. may need to be taken care of.

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Tips for Tourists in Korea

  • The crime rate in Korea is low; it has a safe and amiable environment.
  • Tourists should however follow regular safety tips
  • Always use a money belt to keep wallet and other important documents.
  • Never leave your passport and other important documents in the hotel room.
  • The local emergency number of Korea is ‘112’ or ‘02-112’ from a cell phone.
  • Communication in Korea might be difficult as majority of the population does not know Enligh. However, English helpines in taxis and other places are readily availble.
  • Korea is known for its electronics, and the technologically-inclined should be able to find some interesting gadgets to take back home.
  • Korean cuisine has many interesting dishes to please your palate, and you may explore the city restaurants for authentic Korean food.

Alternative to Lumbar Total Disc Replacement: Spinal Fusion

Lumbar total disc replacement surgery in Korea is offered at a JCI accredited hospital that has achieved 99.7 points overall score and full marks of IPSG (International Patient Safety Goals).

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