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Scoliosis Treatment

Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon in Turkey

In this video, a leading orthopaedic spine surgeon from Turkey talks about his specialization in scoliosis treatment.

Because of rising cost of surgical procedures in countries like UK and US, lot of medical tourists are opting for spine surgeries abroad to avail high quality healthcare facilities at reasonable cost.

Check out the video where the spine surgeon talks about orthopaedic and deformity treatment of spinal problems in the hospital.

Video Narration of Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon – Turkey

“I am an orthopaedic surgeon. After graduating from my medical school in Turkey. I also finished my residency in Turkey. After completion of my residency, I went to United States and I studied,  I did my fellowship in Texas Scottish Rite hospital on sclerosis and spine and  paediatric orthopaedic surgery.

There are a lot of spinal problems that we are dealing here. Mostly, an orthopaedic spine surgery and I am dealing with deformity surgery like sclerosis and kyphosis deformities in spine. Also we are dealing with degenerative spinal conditions like spinal stenosis and foraminal stenosis, all these kind of issues and also cervical problems, degenerative cervical problems also we are dealing with. Disc problems like nucleus populus herniations of the disc.  We are also dealing with disc problems by endoscopic technologies.

In minimal invasive surgery, we mainly use…. Technologies like endoscopic surgeries. With this surgery we can access the spine with one centimetre incision and like the orthoscopic system, we can see the area on a television and by this technology, we can perform all kind of discectomies. The success rate of this…. technology is 90%. It is almost same with the microdiscectomy technique.

Mainly we are getting patients from European countries like Romania, Russia, Albania and Bulgaria, and in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates and Iraq – we are getting patients from, and we started to get patients from United States and Australia also.”

Hospitals in Turkey are technologically advanced to conduct minimal invasive orthopaedic surgeries with success rate of 90%.

Low cost of orthopaedic procedures also attracts lot of patients from different European, middle Eastern and western countries to come to Turkey for scoliosis treatment.

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