Liberation Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis (CCSVI) in India

Liberation Treatment also known as CCSVI or ZAMBONI procedure is modern method for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Liberation treatment for MS in India is offered at one of the best hospitals in India with highly experienced doctors. This treatment method developed by Dr. Paolo Zamboni is still in experimental phase in many countries.

In the video below Yara Senno from Canada talks about her medical trip to India for CCSVI surgery. Yara is a nurse by profession.

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India CCSVI Liberation surgery trip

My name is Yara Senno. I am originally Lebanese, but living in Canada from last three years. I was suffering from multiple sclerosis for last nine years (diagnosis nine years). So looking for solution, have been trying natural approach like diet and so on never took any medicine. I was looking for a solution that was least medical, until I heard about the liberation surgery and CCSVI. Searching for places that do it because Canada doesn’t do it, Canada it is still experimental and they don’t do it. I was looking for places and luckily I landed on Medical Tourism Corporation website, asked for places that do it and I was guided to India.

Medical tourism started the communication and I was amazed by the services that were offered to me, the surgeons are amazing, and the neurologists are amazing. They do the test before the procedure, after the procedure and the way they explained to me whatever is happening and how well they know the stuff was great. I am a nurse by profession so when something makes sense is makes sense and when something is not correct I can tell. So I felt so confident to whatever was being done to me was properly done. Nursing staff, support staff people taking me to the test, people bringing me back, nursing everything, beyond my expectations. That was beyond anything I expected, I don’t think I’d have gone anywhere in the world and received this kind of services.

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