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Stem Cells for Neuropathy in Mexico

Peripheral neuropathy or simply neuropathy involves is a condition when the nerves outside the brain and the spinal cord are damaged. Neuropathy can be induced, like diabetes-related, chemotherapy-induced in cases like lymphoma or leukemia, spinal cord injury, etc.

Stem Cells for Neuropathy in Mexico has emerged as a promising treatment for neuropathy due to the power of regeneration and differentiation of stem cells.

A study [1]Xiaoxia Shi, Yueyue Zheng, Ruige Li, Dexue Liu
Efficacy and safety of autologous marrow stem cell transplantation in patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy: a double-blind, randomly paired trial
“Patients given autologous marrow stem cell transplantation in addition to standard treatment for diabetic peripheral neuropathy were associated with an improved average limb nerve conduction velocity and clinical symptom scores compared with those on standard treatment alone…”
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was conducted in patients who experienced Diabetes-related peripheral neuropathy. These patients received autologous marrow stem cells. Patients were divided into 2 groups to compare the basic therapies for neuropathy with the addition of autologous therapies to the observational group. At the end of the study, it was evident that the average limb nerve conduction velocity had increased in the observation group. Therefore, the autologous stem cells were able to relieve neuropathy in patients.

Role of Peripheral Nerves in the body

These nerves carry the signals from the brain and the spinal cord to different parts of the body. Also, these carry the sensory information to the central nervous system of the body.

Signs and Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Numbness or prickling sensation in hands and feet which can spread throughout both the limbs
  • Lack of coordination persists due to which the person may fall down
  • Muscle weakness and sensation of wearing socks or gloves even when the person is not
  • Sharp pain when weight is put on the limbs, e.g., putting legs under the feet, etc.

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