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Multiple Sclerosis and CCSVI- India

History of CCSVI Treatment in MS patients

“Essentially, multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease and that’s what years of teaching …it doesn’t have any other value to it. But Zamboni, an Italian Surgeon, his wife had multiple sclerosis and he just happened to study jugular veins and he found that there are blocks in these veins.

Not all of us are born with blocks in jugular veins, so obviously there is something abnormal about this. He took 65 patients and he assessed them and found all 65 seem to have these blocks.

So he started doing angioplasties for them. It’s like routine angioplasty like any other angioplasty in the body. There is nothing special about it in the technical aspect of the procedure.

The more important thing was on whom to do it. First you need to have a person with MS, proven MS by MRI. It’s not someone who has an assumption that I have MS but they should have been diagnosed by a neurologist or they should have some MRI evidence of having multiple sclerosis, number one.

Number two, there is a lot……about is balloon better, is stent better. I think there are pros and cons to both of them and only those of us who have done enough of it, we know the fallacies of the balloon.

We also know what all damage a stent can do if not put in right, if you put it in the wrong patient or if you happen to be having …….and you don’t like ….and I think that comes more about after you do a lot of procedures, something which is very difficult to tell – no problems go ahead and do stents or just do balloons.”

CCSVI Procedure in India

“Personally I think that is what is going to set apart the good results from the bad results  in people doing it. Picking the right people for the right procedure , who should get a balloon and who should get a stent. That’s the call which is very subjective and taken on the table.

The large chunk comes from North America, Canada and the US. I have had patients from Norway, I have had some of them from Spain, from Ukraine, Pakistan and now I have started seeing some from Honkong and Tanzania…

There is a very close net community in MS patients , there are multiple forums, they talk to each other. So they all know what’s going on and which centre is doing what and what is the quality.

I don’t think its going to be restricted to a particular region. I think you are going to see patients from all over the world because everyone wants it done. We have everything else available. We have all the cutting edge.

We do endoscopic heart surgery over here, we do vats lobectomies, which is again done by very few centers in the US and Canada. We are now doing CCSVI on a very regular basis, monitoring equipment, infrastructure, pretty much world class; whatever is available at the clinic is available over here.

So I don’t think in terms of infrastructure we are lacking any way behind. Patients are safe coming in to get any kind of hi tech procedures.

For CCSVI, in India we are the first ones to do it …..is an interventional cardiologist, myself…both of us are a team who do these liberation therapy procedures .

The first team was Zamboni, the pioneer in this, then…… who is a radiologist from Poland, again a key player. He was the second one to get into this large series of patients and we are the third people to get on board very early in the decision making to do CCSVI as a therapy for multiple sclerosis.”

In the video, the surgeon from India speaks about the history of CCSVI treatment in the world, and also shares his experience in treating MS patients from overseas employing the Zamboni procedure.

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