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Lap Band – Permanent Weight Loss Surgery – Before and After

“Lap Band … my life changed dramatically for the better” – Sheila Kaye ~ Medical Tourism Facilitator

Sheila Before Lap Band On my 67th birthday, my life changed dramatically. On that day, I was in the hospital resting comfortably and recovering from the adjustable gastric band surgery (“Lapband”) I underwent the day before. I had been fighting obesity all of my life. Yes, I can say the word now, but you can be sure that I always thought of myself as just a “little overweight”.
“I feel great. I feel full. I am not hungry. I can exercise again. I can breathe comfortably again. My life has been given back to me. Why hadn’t I done this years ago??

Since July 30th 2007, my weight has gone from just under 200 lbs. (yikes!) to 149 lbs. – a loss of approximately 51 lbs. – in just over 6 months. In just a few more months, I will be down to my ideal weight.

I feel great. I feel full. I am not hungry. I can exercise again. I can breathe comfortably again. My life has been given back to me. Why hadn’t I done this years ago??

Sheila After Lap Band

Since I had my surgery on July 30th last year, I have now[June 1, 2008] lost almost 65 pounds.

As I approach my one year lap band anniversary, I am also approaching my goal weight. I am happy. I am thrilled. I am so excited that I want to shout from the rooftops.

Sheila After Lap Band

It is now exactly 22 months to the day from the date of my lapband surgery. I have come to the end of my “weight loss journey” and to the beginning of a very new life.

I now weigh 117 lbs. – much less than I ever expected to weigh – three pounds less than my person goal. I am wearing mostly size 6 clothes – sometimes even a size 4. That is a far cry from the size 3x shirt and size 20W pants I was wearing in my “before” picture.

Sheila After Lap Band

I am down more than 80 pounds from the date of my surgery and more than 90 pounds from my highest weight. There is no high comparable to being able to buy size 6 clothes in any shop in the mall. There is no food that will give you the same feeling as the accolades I receive daily.

I feel wonderful and my friends and family tell me that I look great.

Sheila After Lap Band

Here is my latest picture taken on my Three Year “Band-iversary”. I am still a Size 6. I still weigh 117 lbs. I have kept my weight off more than a year and a half. Is it a “miracle”? No! Now, I have a tool to help me keep the weight off forever. The band changed my life forever.

Sheila Kaye in July 2010

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