Lap Band in Mexico – Testimonial

Lap Band Mexico experience of Sondra Hall from Parsons, Oklahoma. Sondra used the services of Medical Tourism Corporation for the gastric banding weight loss surgery in Mexico. For more watch video interview. To start video scroll below and click play button.


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Laparoscopic gastric band experience of Sondra Hall from USA. By profession Sondra is the Director of a not-for-profit organization that provides support and services for the persons with developmental disabilities. Sondra visited Mexico for Lap Band Surgery.

In this video, she shares the reasons why she decided on the lap band surgery, her choice of Medical Tourism Corporation as a trip facilitator, her choice of Mexico as the destination, medical journey and progress, Mexico laparoscopic band etc. The interview was taken 30 days after her adjustable gastric banding surgery.

Testimonial of Sondra Hall:

“I am Sondra Hall. And my profession is I am the director of an agency, which provides services to the persons with disabilities. I have been in this field for almost fourteen years, been a director for two. I am married. I have been married for 10 years, and I have three children they are 17, 14 and 8 and I then I have a 15-year-old niece who lives with me.

“Well, I had struggled with my weight most of my life. And in the year 2007, I decided to really concentrate on working out, trying to eat right, and lose the excess weight and I started the program in February 2007. I spent majority of that year working out three days, four, and sometimes five days a week. I watched what I ate. I was really dedicated to really getting the weight off. By the end of 2007 I really didn’t see much progress. I actually resumed jogging, which was something I haven’t done since I was in high school. And so you know I had always kind off felt in the back of my mind if I just got to the point right where I couldn’t lose weight. I was going to check into for a surgery. So in doing so I was surfing the web and I heard about the Lap Band procedure, so I searched that and that’s how I got to know about going overseas for medical procedures.

“Well, the biggest call for me to do overseas surgery was the cost. I do have insurance but bariatric procedures are 100% excluded from that and so since I knew I was going to have to pay the cost you know that was very much. You know the reason why I wanted to do it outside the United States.

“When I was surfing the web looking over the internet and doing some research, the Medical Tourism Corporation website came up. I entered some information and just very shortly after that I received a phone call. And that’s where I got the ball rolling. I felt the communication lines worked really well. If I had a question, I could just pick up the phone and make a phone call or get on to the computer and write a quick email, and the responses were very quick.

“I was little apprehensive at first because, I personally have never been outside the United States. But I had just decided that this was the path I needed to take with my weight loss, and so it took a little time the fear faded. And then my mind was just made up.

” I do live in a small town and there is kind of small town mentality that people kind of said it’s unusual, not unheard of but unusual for people to go to another country to have the medical procedure. And so when people would hear that’s what I was doing, everybody had an opinion about it. Everybody had questions, news traveled fast; people would come up to me and ask me if I wasn’t scared or worried. I had to do a lot of reassuring to other people that I am going to be ok.

“And immediately my husband was very supportive of my decision. My kids were little worried, you know. I think they were more worried about me being gone: who is going to cook for them for few days. But my family was apprehensive.

” My mother is a nurse and she takes health care very seriously. And, you know, no one we knew had done this before; no one could really say that was a successful experience. So, I was kind of a pioneer for the family and my friends and for the community to do this. But now that it’s over and done, it’s a very successful procedure. Everything went well. Everybody is seeing it in a different way now.

“Medical Tourism Corporation had lots of experience with arrangements. They put me in touch with a doctor, very close to where I live, who could do the fills and adjustments to the Lap Band once I returned. And she also gave lots of good insight about recovery and how much time I would need, and kind of what to expect. It was arranged and very helpful.

“The hospital was beautiful; everything was very clean and organized and it had lots of art work and sculptors. The hospital staff was very polite and very accommodating. As soon as myself and my friend got there, they greeted us, and they helped us check in and got all the paper work signed, get up to the room. The room was very clean; the bathroom was beautiful. So it was very comfortable and pleasing.

“I would say in my opinion it’s very clean, very pretty, very organized. The staff was very friendly and made you feel like they had time to work with you. You know they made me feel more comfortable. It was unlike any hospital in United States I have been in. And so I would say in my personal opinion that I would say it was better. It was just a great experience.

“I healed quite well. I had four small sessions. And the doctor afterwards came in, and the dietician came in to my room and everybody just worked to let me know what to expect with my healing process and it was great. My expectations were exceeded.

“Medical Tourism Corporation took all the guess work out of the process. If I had a question, I called or emailed and I got a response quickly. It was very easy to allow Medical Tourism to do the work for me. You know, they made all the arrangements at the hospital, for my transportation from the airport to the hotel; and from hotel to the hospital. As far as making the payment arrangements was concerned, all that was taken care of by them. I did very little though I got the rewards.

“[Weight loss surgery abroad] It’s a personal choice and I needed to make it for myself. It’s very cost effective to get it done overseas. I felt like I got much more than what I had expected in quality, care. Anybody who asks me about my procedure or what got me to go down the path of overseas surgery, I am definitely going to recommend Medical Tourism Corporation.”

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