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Knee replacement in Istanbul, Turkey can help medical tourists save considerably on surgery costs. Knee replacement surgery is becoming more common to correct chronic pain from sports injuries and arthritis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that in 2009, 676,000 knee replacement surgeries were performed in the United States. However, knee replacement surgery costs in the United States, Canada, the UK, and other developed countries of the First World are on the rise, prompting an increasing number of patients to opt for partial and total knee replacement in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Knee Replacement – Fact File

  • Knee problems are the most common reasons that American patients visit orthopedic surgeons, as per statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC also reports that 19.4 million patients visited their doctors for knee problems in 2003.
  • During knee replacement surgery, the damaged knee joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint.
  • During the recovery period, patients may use crutches until they can fully apply pressure on the knee. Physical therapy is used to restore full mobilization after surgery.
  • Since recovery can take a while, it is recommended that only patients with severe knee pain or stiffness undergo knee replacement.
  • One should take care not to overtax the knee during the recovery period.
  • While complications are rare, risks include injury to the nerves around the knee and blood clots.
  • While knee surgeries are more synonymous with the elderly, knee replacement for younger people abroad are also quite prevalent.

Advantages of Knee Replacement in Istanbul, Turkey

  • The cost of knee replacement in Istanbul, Turkey is a mere fraction of the cost one would have to incur for a comparative surgery in the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Azerbaijan, Romania, Bulgaria, other parts of Europe, and the Middle East.
  • In addition to the low knee replacement price in Istanbul, Turkey, the cost of living in Istanbul is lower, so one can get the most out of a tight budget there.
  • By traveling to Istanbul for knee surgery, one has the opportunity to recover without having to face the pressures of work or home life back in one’s native countries. You can relax and recover in a stress free, accommodating environment and enjoy a nice vacation.
  • You will find competent knee replacement surgeons in Turkey. Istanbul is home to many world-class orthopedic surgeons who have received their medical training in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Well equipped, state-of-the-art hospitals await patients seeking total or partial knee replacement in Istanbul, Turkey. Medical TourismCorporation is associated with a reputable hospital located strategically in Istanbul. The hospital boasts of affiliation with the prestigious John Hopkins Medicine.
  • Due to the rising popularity of medical tourism in Turkey, many doctors and hospital staff there are fluent in English. Our network hospital in Istanbul has multilingual patient coordinators to facilitate the stay of overseas patients.
  • Our network hospital has a boutique-style, plush hotel in its campus. Patients traveling for bilateral knee replacement in Istanbul, Turkey can choose to relax in a comfortable well-furnished room.
  • Orthopedic knee replacement in Istanbul, Turkey gives patients from Europe, West Asia, and Africa the advantage of geographical propinquity. Patients from these parts of the globe can curtail their travel costs, time, and of course, the concomitant discomfort of traveling long distances by choosing to get operated in Turkey.
  • Turkey is located on the confluence of Europe and Asia which gives it a unique cultural identity. The juxtaposition of the ultra modern with antiquity makes the country opulent in architecture and history. If your condition permits, you can feast your eyes on the Topkapi Sarayi, the Basilica Cistern, and the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, luxuriate in the cozy environs of a traditional Turkish hammam, and shop till you drop at the magnificent Grand Bazaar.

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Knee Replacement in Turkey – Some Considerations

  • One should weigh all of the pros and cons of different transportation methods to get to Istanbul. Patients with a stiff knee may want to choose a shorter plane ride over a longer train or bus ride.
  • Istanbul is quite a distance from countries in the Western Hemisphere. For patients who live farther west, knee replacement in Tijuana, Mexico may be a closer option.
  • While the low knee surgery cost in Istanbul, Turkey is certainly attractive, patients must be careful to choose reputable hospitals and surgeons and not solely focus on obtaining the cheapest treatment.
  • While in Istanbul, be aware of your surroundings. Be wary of pickpockets and avoid carrying large sums of cash on you.
  • Learning a handful of Turkish words and phrases will keep you armed to counter any language impediments when out on the street.

Knee replacement in Istanbul, Turkey offers patients the opportunity to regain full mobility of the knee and to relieve any pain. Low surgical prices and world-class medical clinics make it possible for even those on the strictest budgets to obtain surgery without burning a hole in the pocket.

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