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Did you know?
Total hip replacement is one of the most successful & cost-effective orthopedic surgeries. It is more popular in younger people.[1]NCBI
THA techniques
“…one of the most cost-effective and successful surgeries… THA is becoming popular in younger patient populations.”
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People with hip problems experience pain and discomfort.

It prevents them from doing everyday activities with ease.

Usually, lack of funds for hip replacement delays treatment for these people.

But, Turkey’s medical tourism industry provides an affordable option to those who have budget issues.

Want to know how much to save with the best hip surgery packages in Istanbul? Read on.

Cost of Hip Replacement in Istanbul, Turkey

Expect your all-inclusive hip replacement surgery in Istanbul to be 70 – 75% cheaper than the US price.

The average cost of hip replacement in Istanbul is around €7,800/$8,300.

But in the US, the surgery can set you back as much as $45,000 or €42,000.

Prices start at around €12,300/$13,000 in the UK.

But it can be as high as €15,800/$16,700 depending on location.

For more clarity, let us look at the cost comparison table below.

Total Hip Replacement prices in Istanbul, Turkey Vs.US & UK
Location USD Euro
Istanbul, Turkey $8,300 – 11,000 €7,800 – 10,500
UK $13,000 – 16,700 €12,300 – 15,800
US $31,800 – 45,000 €30,000 – 42,000
*Prices are subject to change. Fill out our online quote form for the latest prices and specials.

The package price includes you:

  • Consultations
  • Prescription drugs
  • Implants & anesthesia
  • Post-op support
  • Hospital stay
  • Airport to hotel transfers

Thus, orthopedic surgery in Istanbul helps foreign patients to get rid of hip pain within budget.

Do you face a long waiting time for arthroplasty at home? Then, private surgery is a realistic option.

Read the following section to learn about the top orthopedic hospital in Istanbul.

Best Orthopedic Hospital in Istanbul

There are many hip replacement clinics in Istanbul, Turkey.

But MTC recommended hospitals behold the highest level of patient safety and success rate.

The most reputed hospital is:

Memorial Hospital

It is a joint system of 11 hospitals and 2 clinics in Turkey.

Experience: 20+ years

Accreditation: JCI, ISO, EFI

Facilities: Private rooms, free wifi, translation services, diet on request, hotel booking, airport pick up & more

Memorial Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey

Memorial Hospital

Now you know about one of the top medical centers for hip replacement in Istanbul.

Let’s find out about the surgeons working here!

Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Istanbul

Below is the video profile of Dr. Nevzat Selim Gokay, an esteemed orthopedic surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey.

Meet the Top Orthopedic Surgeon in Turkey

Dr. Nevzat Selim Gokay: About Me

  • Education: Istanbul Esenyurt University
  • Specialty: Joint replacement surgery, sports surgery, & cartilage regeneratiion
  • Certification: The EBOT, Spain
  • Membership: TTB, ICRS, TOTBID
  • International Training: Robotic joint surgery, USA

Hip Replacement in Istanbul, Turkey: Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0 Stars (Google Reviews)

“My husband had his hip replacement surgery, which was performed by Professor Nevzat. All went smoothly.”

“I would like to thank them for their care & support after the operation. Would recommend Prof Selim to anyone awaiting hip surgery.”

-Senel Ozerman

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0 Stars (Google Reviews)

“My mother’s robotic hip surgery was performed by prof. Dr. Nevzat.”

“In this process, my mother’s recovery process was fast, and we were very pleased with the doctor’s attention!”


There are several reasons why an orthopedic doctor may recommend hip replacement surgery.

So, how do you know if you need a hip replacement?

4 Signs You May Need a Hip Replacement

The symptoms and signs include:[2]Mayo clinic
Hip replacement
“Hip replacement may be an option if hip pain persists…Affects the ability to walk up or down stairs…Makes it difficult to rise from a seated position…””
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1️⃣ Persistent pain in the damaged hip joint, despite pain medication.

2️⃣ Activity-related pain, such as walking & managing stairs.

3️⃣ Unable to get sleep due to pain.

4️⃣ Difficult to rise from a seated position.

Hip Pain - Signs of hip replacement

Hip Pain

Remember: It may be worth considering surgery if

  • Hip pain is uncontrollable and severely impacts daily activities.
  • You cannot manage your symptoms, which affects your quality of life.

Next, you will get to know what are the various surgery options in the Turkish city.

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery in Istanbul

The type of hip replacement depends on several factors, stated as follows.


What Part of the Hip Needs to be Replaced?

The hip joint is made up of

  • A socket, and
  • A ball (also called femoral head or upper end of the thighbone)

During hip replacement surgery in Istanbul, all or part of the damaged joint is replaced with an artificial joint.

A total hip replacement replaces both the ball and the socket with a hip prosthesis.

You may get less extensive procedures like partial replacement if only part of your hip is damaged.

It involves replacing only the femur head.

Types of Hip Replacement


Hip Replacement Procedure in Istanbul, Turkey

Your surgery will be scheduled several weeks in advance. You will need an emergency hip replacement if it is due to an accident.

During the surgery, you are given general anesthesia. It makes you sleep through the surgery so you don’t feel pain.

The procedure takes anywhere from one to two hours.[3]Healthline
Hip Replacement Overview
“The procedure takes anywhere from one to three hours.”
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Hip replacement surgeons in Istanbul use various surgical techniques to access your hip.

Let’s see what they are.

Methods of Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) in Istanbul

The three most common ways are:

  • From the back – Short operative time
  • From the front – Less hospital stay & fast recovery
  • From the side

Source: AOJ[4]AOJ
Surgical approaches for total hip arthroplasty
“The DAA, DLA, and PA are the most common approaches used today.”
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Posterior Versus Anterior Approach to THA
“The posterior…shorter operative time while the anterior …shorter length of hospital stay …earlier improvement in functional outcomes up… ”
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What Happens After Your Hip Replacement Surgery?

You will have to spend 3 – 5 days recovering in the hospital following the surgery.

All patients will need physical therapy for several weeks until they regain a good range of motion.

Patients who don’t have other health conditions go home immediately after discharge from the hospital.

However, they continue to work with a physical therapist on an outpatient basis.

Remember that your cooperation in physical therapy is essential for an effective recovery and overall success of the surgery.

Full recovery from a hip replacement varies for each person. It’s about 3 to 6 months for most people.

Source: Healthline[6]Healthline
What Happens After Your Surgery?
“Your hospital stay will last three to five days. …Some people go home immediately after discharge…they continue to work with a physical therapist…Full recovery takes about three to six months…”
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Over 450 million total hip replacements are performed annually in the US.[7]AAOS
“…more than 450,000 THAs are performed each year in the United States.”
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Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery in Istanbul

Robotic assistance is increasingly used for THA.[8]AAOS
The Cost of Robot-assisted THA
“Utilization of robotic assistance is increasing for THA.”
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Contrary to popular belief, the robot isn’t performing the surgery.

Instead, the surgeons use a robotic arm or handheld robotic device.

It allows them to perform hip surgery with greater accuracy.

Robotic hip replacement in Istanbul

Robotic THA

Let’s see how robotic THA compares to traditional methods.

Traditional Vs. Robotic Hip Replacement Surgery

Traditional Vs. Robotic Hip Replacement
Clinical outcomes Traditional Procedure Robotic Procedure
Shorter operation time ✔️
Less intra-operative complications ✔️
Low dislocation rate ✔️
Greater precision in implant fit ✔️
Lower revision rate ✔️
Occurrence of leg length discrepancy ✔️ ✔️
Shorter hospital stays ✔️
Cost-effective ✔️
Improved functional outcomes ✔️ ✔️
Source: SICOT,[9]SICOT
Current concepts in robotic THA
“The main limitation of use might be related to its cost-effectiveness…No dislocations were reported … for rTHA compared to mTHA”
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Robotics Versus Navigation Versus Conventional THA
“Length of stay was longest for patients who underwent conventionally performed THA …”
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Robotics‐assisted versus conventional manual approaches for THA
“…operation time required for the CM group was less than that required for the RA group…complications…in RA group were less frequent…no statistical difference between the two procedures with respect to the HHS score…occurrence of LLD was similar in the two groups…RA group…more accurate placement of the femoral stem…”
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Our best orthopedic surgeons in Turkey offer robotic joint replacements using Mako.

It is a cutting-edge robotic joint replacement device. The team is specially trained to use this technology.

The cost of robotic hip replacement in Istanbul is around $13,500. This is 60% cheaper than in the US/UK.

Call us to find out more about robotic joint replacements in Istanbul, Turkey.

Discuss Your Options Before You Decide

A hip replacement surgery can be performed using different types of replacement joints.

There are also different ways of fixing them.

During your consultation, discuss your options with the surgeon.

This will help you weigh the pros and cons of surgery.

Our partner surgeons in Istanbul can create a personalized treatment plan. 

The purpose is to help you enjoy a pain-free and active lifestyle.

How Successful Is a Hip Replacement Surgery?

Most studies have shown that 90% of patients reported mild/no pain after five years of their first surgery.[12]arthritis.org
Hip Replacement Success Rate
“90% – Of patients who had moderate pain before their first surgery reported mild or no pain after five years. ”
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Moreover, the results for hip replacement are expected to last for 25 years in around 58% of patients.[13]PubMed Central
How long does a hip replacement last?…
“Assuming that estimates…expect a hip replacement to last 25 years in around 58% of patients.”
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FAQs: Total Hip Arthroplasty in Istanbul, Turkey

What is the average cost of a total hip replacement in Istanbul?

Self-pay hip replacement in Istanbul is far more affordable than in the US/UK.

For THA, US & UK surgeons quote up to 45,000 USD and 16,700 USD, respectively.

But in Istanbul, it will not cost more than 11,000 USD. This is one-fourth of the US price.

What is the average hospital stay for a hip replacement in Istanbul?

Your average hospital stay will be 3 – 5 days.

However, the stay depends on the type of surgery, the success of the treatment, and your overall health.

How do you pay for hip replacement surgery in Istanbul?

Istanbul orthopedic hospitals accept all major payment methods. Some of these options include:

  • Cards
  • Cash
  • Electronic bank transfers
  • Mobile payments
  • Checks

Who is the best orthopedic doctor in Istanbul for hip replacement?

Dr. Nevzat Selim Gokay is the best surgeon for hip surgery in Istanbul.

With more than 15 years of experience, he is the assistant director and head of the coaching education department at Esenyurt University, Istanbul.

Certified by EBOT, Prof. Nevzat is an expert in

  • Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty
  • Sports Medicine,
  • Knee and Hip Joint Surgery
  • Robotic Joint Surgery

Is it safe to get my hip replaced in Istanbul?

Yes, total hip replacement surgery in Istanbul is safe and easy if you visit recognized hospitals and certified surgeons.

Our partner orthopedic hospital in Istanbul features modern facilities with cutting-edge equipment and innovative treatment methods.

The quality of care is the same as that of the US and other developed countries.

Moreover, THA carries a low risk of complications. Most people have less pain and better hip mobility after recovery.[14]Arthritis Health
THR Risks and Complications
“… Most people do not experience serious complications and have less pain and better hip mobility after recovery….”
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Getting a hip replacement in Istanbul, Turkey, is safe and cost-effective.

The hospitals are state-of-the-art, and the surgeons are highly experienced & certified.

Furthermore, by traveling to Istanbul, you can avoid expensive treatments & long waiting times in your home country.

Contact us to know more about our all-inclusive hip surgery packages in Istanbul.


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