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Hip Replacement in Istanbul, Turkey

People with hip problems experience pain, and discomfort that prevents them from doing normal activities with ease. Usually, the lack of funds for hip replacement surgery is another problem that lingers problems for these people. Turkey’s medical tourism industry provides an affordable option for having corrective surgery on patients who have budget issues. Hip replacement in Istanbul, Turkey is a lot cheaper than in North America, the UK, and other European countries, and is available without any compromise in quality.

Hip Replacement - Istanbul

Hip Replacement Surgery

  • A procedure where some parts of the hip joint are replaced due to their inability to absorb pressure that results even from normal activities like walking or running.
  • Usually comes with severe to debilitating pain.
  • Usually very expensive, but is being offered for lower prices in other locations like Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica, and India.

Why Go to Istanbul for Hip Replacement?

  • Istanbul offers low cost hip replacement and other orthopaedic procedures.
  • There are modern health facilities equipped with the latest technology that follow international standards for medical care.
  • Getting the chance to be treated by orthopaedic surgeons who are experts in performing hip replacement surgery, whose services are in-demand from medical tourists coming from all over Europe, Asia, and North America.
  • There are several hip replacement surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey who have studied or trained in other European countries.
  • There are over 30 Joint Commission International hospitals in Turkey.

Traveling to Turkey for Hip Surgery

In 2009, Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News estimated 40,000 medical tourists annually, making up around 150 million USD in profits. Its government is now making huge steps in promoting the medical tourism industry, aiming to host 1 million foreign patients in the country annually by 2020.

  • For Europeans, traveling to Turkey is easier, as most of them can reach Istanbul by train. Other medical tourists have to fly to Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport.
  • The Turkish hospitals in our network are minutes away from the airport, and provide free transportation for airport-hotel-hospital transfers.
  • When getting minimally-invasive hip replacement in Istanbul, Turkey, patients can ask MTC for assistance with discounted hotel accommodations.
  • As patients may need assistance after the procedure, most prefer to have a friend or family member travel with them to Istanbul for moral support.
  • There are numerous places in Istanbul and neighboring places that are frequented by tourists, so most international patients include some time for sight-seeing in their itineraries.

Istanbul - Turkey Street Food

Places to see in Istanbul, Turkey

Some of the places that you can go to before or after getting anterior hip replacement in Istanbul are:

  • Kariye Museum – An old church built in the 11th century with beautiful mosaics depicting various Christian scenes.
  • Sultanahmet District – One of the oldest districts in Istanbul where the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace can be found.
  • Istanbul Archeology Museum – One of world’s largest museums, housing an estimated 1 million items in display.

There are a lot of activities that a medical tourist can engage in while getting hip replacement in Istanbul, Turkey, but you must get your doctor’s consent first. Some medical tourists even opt to get dental treatments while there. Dental implants and bridges in Istanbul are also very affordable, and performed by excellent dental surgeons.

These activities can be included in one’s itinerary as long as they do not get in the way of scheduled medical visits.

For patients experiencing hip replacement in Turkey, Medical Tourism Corporation helps find affordable treatments under its network of hospitals in Turkey and other countries. Fill the estimate form to your right to get a FREE quote.

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