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Implant Supported Dentures in Cancun, Mexico

According to a study by the CDC, 18.1% of US adults above the age of 65 have lost all of their natural teeth. Many people struggle with the cost of dentures after experiencing tooth loss, but implant supported dentures in Cancun, Mexico, provide an affordable and convenient solution.
Regular dentures are inserts unsupported by any framework in the jaw, but advanced options like all on four fixed dental implants and implant supported complete dentures in Cancun, Mexico can give you security provided by a strong implant framework for the dentures to attach to.

Implant-supported Dentures in Cancun - Mexico

Some Information about Implant Supported Dentures

Mexican dentists will explain the procedure to you when you arrive in Cancun for dental implant dentures, but you may want to read a little about how they work before you travel.
Bar-retained and ball-retained are the two options available for implant supported dentures. Both of these options offer dentures with acrylic or porcelain teeth mounted on an acrylic base fashioned to look like gums.

  • Bar-Retained Dentures: These dentures are fitted over a metal bar that runs along the curve of your jaw and is attached to implants placed in your jawbone.
  • Ball-Retained Dentures: Also known as stud-attachment dentures, these use implants in the jawbone that hold metal attachments which secure the dentures.

Benefits of Getting Implant Supported Dentures in Cancun

Medical tourism is an exciting, growing field due to the many readily apparent benefits in traveling for important procedures such as dental implant dentures in Cancun. Some of those benefits are:

  • As cited by the US National Center for Health Statistics, around 45 million US citizens below the age of 65 do not have dental insurance. The price of dental work without insurance can be unbearable, but the low cost of implant supported dentures in Cancun, Mexico is a fraction of the price of the procedure in the US.
  • Hospitals in Mexico and dental clinics employ experienced dental professionals, many of whom have trained internationally. In addition, there is a strong focus on modern hygienic and healthcare standards.
  • Cancun, Mexico is a popular vacation destination that welcomes you with beautiful scenery and an active, friendly atmosphere. You can take in the sights and enjoy a vacation all while visiting for implant supported dentures in Cancun, Mexico.

Cancun Seaview

Helpful Information about Cancun

  • You have many options for airlines that fly from the US into Cancun. The airport you’ll fly into is Cancun International Airport; the airport code is CUN and it is Mexico’s second busiest airport.
  • Cancun International Airport is only six miles from what’s known as the hotel strip, an area popular for having many hotels are varying prices for you to choose from.
  • If you’re looking to enjoy an authentic Mexican experience during your trip for implant supported dentures in Cancun, Mexico, you can visit Downtown Cancun where many local restaurants, markets and clubs provide an authentic Mexican feel.
  • The peak of tourist season in Cancun runs between December and April. At this time, the prices of hotels and airfare tend to increase. If you’d like a cheaper and quieter stay, plan your travel outside the tourist season.

With the affordable prices coupled with the high quality of care, it’s easy to see the benefits of traveling for implant supported dentures in Cancun, Mexico. To plan a safe and satisfying trip to receive quality care in this beautiful city, make sure you research the finer points before you travel.

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