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Immediate Loading v. Traditional Dental Implants Thailand

In this video, a leading dentist from Thailand talks about difference between Immediate Loading and traditional dental implants.

Check out the video where the dental surgeon compares the time taken by traditional implants and immediate implants, and explains the conditions for it.

Following is the Video Narration

“Implants started, you know, thirty something years ago. At first, we don’t know much about the implants so when we put the titanium screw in the bone, you have to wait to let the bone heal around the implant because sticks to the bone anyways. After, you know, ……. There are a lot of tests and you know, researches so the implant right now is a lot better than in the past. So we don’t have to wait that long comparing to the old implant system but anyways in traditional protocol we should wait for about three to six months for implant to get fully heal the bone before we can restore the tooth.

In certain design, lets say…you are going to place couple of implants in cross arch of the jaw and place the implant, then it is feasible to the immediate loading.”

With expert dentists and state of art facilities in hospitals and clinics in Thailand, the country has become one to the favorite destinations for dental tourists from abroad.

In addition, low cost of dental implants in the country is one of the major factors responsible for rise of dental tourism in Thailand.

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