Gastric Sleeve Costa Rica – Video Testimonial

Gastric Sleeve Costa Rica experience of Ms. Dana Long from Albany, Georgia. Dana had a gastric sleeve surgery in Hospital Clinica Biblica in San Jose, Costa Rica. For more, watch video interview. To start video, scroll below and click play button.



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Dana Long shares her experience about Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery. She is from Albany Georgia, USA. An IT professional working in an area agency for senior citizens and people with disabilities, Dana calls herself a computer geek. She is a proud mother of two bright children who are currently in school and are working towards becoming doctors. Dana visited Costa Rica for Gastric Sleeve surgery. This interview was done about 30 days after her surgery.

Testimonial of Dana Long:

”I am Dana Long, am from Albany, Georgia. I grew up here, went to school here. Moved to North Georgia when I was young girl. And then when I graduated from high school was back to Albany, married my husband, we have been married for almost 30 years. And I had perfect figure until I married him. We had children and I just gained weight with the babies and I didn’t lose it. I have been on every eating plan and exercise program there is. Some worked for me and some haven’t, but nothing had worked long term. And I just got to a point where I had to do something drastic. I knew I had to do drastic or would just eat cheese cake and see how fat I can get till I die. So, that’s where I was in my life.

Dana Long – Before and After Sleeve Gastrectomy in Costa Rica
Dana Before WLS Picture Dana - After Sleeve Gastrectomy

”And I came home from work one day and told my husband, I am going to lost the same sixteen pounds for about thirty months and I said I have to got to do something. And he said that, he had seen this article on TV it was on the business news about Medical Tourism and he said before you decide to go in [for the surgery] look in to it and see what you think. So, I got on to the internet and I started looking, the more I read the more excited I got about it and he thought I was going to change my mind. He thought he is going talk me out of it, just about the research I had done.

“But it did just the opposite. So, another thing that had happened was that I have degenerative disease in my neck and I have chronic pain. The doctors told me that I have four discs in my lower back that are bad and there is nothing I can do. If they do diffuse them, it would only make the ones above and below to degenerate faster. So, [spinal] surgery’s not an option at this point. So, the only thing I can do is to make myself more healthy.

“The communication [from Medical Tourism Corporation] was wonderful from the very beginning. When on the website it asked me to send my email address, and someone would be getting back in touch with me. Well, I had a response in just a few minutes. So, somebody was really watching their email, because I got a response in a very short time. I asked her to call me. And that’s when I talked to Sheela for the first time. She is just wonderful, Sheela is great.

”Sheela has had this [sleeve gastrectomy] surgery herself when she was working for Medical Tourism and she was great, and so was our correspondence. We were best friends right from the start. I checked out everyone that was on the internet. Once my husband told me he had seen that ad on TV, on business news, I stared looking it all over, because I didn’t know one company from another, or one program from another. I was just looking at what Google brought up, I Googled Medical Tourism. I compared them all, all that I had no idea about, I had never heard of it before. So, I just read and read and read.

“Medical Tourism Corporation offered the best all-inclusive package at that time. I am not that kind of a person who just goes off or does something without thinking it through and looking at all the options.

“Although it was fast decision-making to family and friends, it wasn’t to me. I had it in my mind to do the Lap Band Surgery done when I went to Costa Rica, and I went to a program that was offered here in Albany and they told me that if I went to Costa Rica and had this surgery done they would not do the fills for me. So, I came back from that seminar and I called Sheela on the telephone and told her that the doctors here won’t touch me if I go to Costa Rica and have this done.

“And she said, well, there are fill centers designed for people who are doing what you are doing. And she said I will find you one and we will setup everything for you, so when you get back you have this arrangements made. Over the next day she called me and told me she got in touch with the fills centers in Mortuary, Georgia which is about 20-30 miles from me. She gave me their contact information and gave them my contact information and I got in touch with them. So, yes those arrangements were all made.

“The doctors spoke English, some of the nurses did not speak English but if they did not understand what I asked them or what I said, they would go and get someone who did understand. So I didn’t have any problem with communication at all. Very, very impressed. Very impressed with all the doctors, and all of the medical staff, and especially with the Medical Tourism Corporation who made all the arrangements for all the appointments.

“The day I had this surgery I saw about six doctors one right after the other, after the other, after the other, and never had to wait in line. The escort took us around from one doctor to the next. Every time I finished with one, I straight went to the next doctor. It’s nothing like in the United States. In the US, I went to a doctor about two weeks ago for pain management. I had an appointment with him at four o’ clock in the afternoon and I actually saw him only at 7 in the evening. So that’s the difference. That was a big difference.

“This multi-million dollar facility [in Costa Rica], it was amazing. Once I stepped through those doors, I didn’t even think that I was in a different country. It never even crossed my mind. If you look out the window, you see the beautiful mount range. Costa Rica is just beautiful. I don’t regret it. It was a great experience. And I am hoping that my husband and my daughter will do it next year.”

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