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Tubal Ligation Reversal in Mexico – Testimonial

Lorena Valencia of Sunnyside, WA

Undergoing tubal ligation reversal in Mexico can be a good option for price-conscious patients, as costs of this procedure in Mexico can be quite lower than what it costs in the first world countries. Also, with the mushrooming of a number of hospitals in Mexico with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern technology providing quality healthcare services, undergoing tubal ligation reversal in Mexico can be a good decision.

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Here is the testimonial of Lorena Valencia of Sunnyside, WA, who had engaged the services of Medical Tourism Corporation for arranging a smooth medical trip to Mexico to undergo tubal ligation reversal.

“Our visit was great I went in for a Tubal Reversal, case manger made all arrangements kept in constant contact with us before and after the procedure. We arrived a few days early met with Dr.Ruiz the night before surgery had pre-ops done, all questions and concerns were answered.

Very friendly staff in the doctor’s office as well as the hospital staff, nurses were in and out of the room to make sure everything was ok or if we needed anything. Recovery was great had my surgery done on a Wednesday and was released the following day. Everything was great we have already recommended it to family members and friends.”

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