Testimonial – Myomectomy Surgery in San Jose, Costa Rica

Myomectomy is a surgical procedure in which fibroids are removed from a women’s uterus, without damaging it.  It allows the woman to become pregnant in future unlike hysterectomy.

Melisa from phoenix, Arizona went to San Jose, Costa Rica for myomectomy surgery but ended up having hysterectomy.

Check out the video where she talks about her medical trip to Costa Rica.


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Video Narration

“We initially had our eyes on Thailand and that’s where we were set to go and than the reason we ended up in Costa Rica and changed our mind about Thailand is because there happened to be quite a bit of political unrest to the point of violence in the city where we were going to go which was Bangkok. So we had to change the direction entirely.

The reason we ended up with Costa Rica is second choice because my husband has been to Costa Rica in the past and loved it as a country.  We thought we could take on some vacation time on the beach with the girls after the surgery.  So that’s and I had read quite a views about the hospital in particular, liked everything I read and done some newspaper research online with other people who have been involved in medical tourism with that particular hospital and I didn’t read anything that wasn’t positive.

I would say once you have decided what hospital you are going to, in country, to do as much research as possible on that particular countries you can for mature stand point.  We actually took someone with us to help us with the girls who speaks Spanish and to help us to get around and obviously to take care of them during and after the surgery.

But having someone that actually spoke the language once we were done with our hospital stay was very beneficial.  So its something to keep in mind if you are going to end up in another country where you don’t speak the language.  You need to seriously consider how you are going to get around that If you want to take on additional days before or after your trip. You need to approach as if you are going to a vacation there and not just having a medical procedure done.”

Internationally trained doctors and state of art facilities in Costa Rica hospitals, makes it a perfect destination for medical tourists from abroad.

In addition, low cost hysterectomy and myomectomy surgery in San Jose, Costa Rica is one of the major reasons why many patients travel to Costa Rica for surgical treatment.

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