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IMSI vs ICSI In-Vitro Fertilization Surgeon

In the video below IVF Fertility expert in Tijuana, Mexico explain the difference between ICSI and IMSI infertility treatment methods. IMSI is short from for intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection, and can lead to higher success rates than tradition In-vitro fertilization and ICSI. To start click play button below.

In conventional IVF/ICSI we see sperm 400 times, here we see the egg and this is the sperm. This is the normal ICSI, this is the egg and here embryologist injecting the sperm inside the egg. So we can see here the difference on the size of the sperm we can see the sperm 200 time, 4oo time and this is 6000 times. This way we can increase the success rates. If we compare the data of ICSI and IMSI pregnancy rate for IMSI is higher that ICSI and also at the same time miscarriage rate is lower in IMSI as compared to

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