Dental Work in Zagreb, Croatia

Dental work in Zagreb, Croatia saves you from hefty expenses at home.

Indeed, you get the quality treatment done at ~ 62% of the UK cost. Isn’t that impressive?

Real Patients, Real Stories: Dental Work in Zagreb Review

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Our goal is to exceed your expectations and restore your shining smile. Read till the end to know how!

Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, is a trending dental tourism destination.[1]Total Croatia News
Why Zagreb is a Top Dental Tourism Destination…
“Also, Zagreb, as the capital of Croatia, is very well-connected… ”
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Tourists of all ages visit this metropolitan city to witness its rich heritage & open-air festivals.[2]
A guide to the city of Zagreb, Croatia’s intriguing capital
“Croatia’s beguiling capital offers a heady mix of Western Balkan heritage… ”
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Dental Work in Zagreb, Croatia, Reviews

The feedback from patients can help strengthen your trust. Go through it to know their experience!

Multilingual Staff ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was very impressed listening to the staff. They speak Italian, German, English, and Spanish for patients. I have a healthier and more beautiful smile.

– Miroslav Stankovic

Professional & Kind ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I came to the clinic for a free initial examination regarding crowns on my upper jaw. They restored my smile with minimal correction to my teeth.

– Marijana Sutej

Barry, from Surrey, UK, has shared his dental journey. Don’t forget to watch this testimonial!

Dental Work in Zagreb: Patient’s Testimonial

Dental Work in Zagreb: Before & After Pictures

Before and After: Hollywood Smile in Zagreb, Croatia

Hollywood Smile in Zagreb

Before and After: Dental Implants Zagreb, Croatia

Dental Implants in Zagreb

But is a dental trip to Zagreb worth it? To find out, let’s see the Zagreb dentist prices!

Dental Work Cost in Zagreb: Less Than Expected!

On average, the cost of dental work in Zagreb can save ~ 62%.

For example, the cost of all-on-4 dental implants in Zagreb, Croatia, is €8,560, compared to €14,552 in the UK.

Similarly, a Zirconium crown in Zagreb will cost you less than ¼th of what you will pay at home.

Dental Costs in Zagreb Vs. UK

Procedure Zagreb UK Savings
Implants €750 €2,130 64%
All on 4 Implants* €8,560 €14,552 41%
Ceramic Veneer €425 €1,190 64%
Metal Ceramic Crown €270 €773 65%
Zirconium Crown €370 €1,382 73%
Complete Denture^ €600 €1,194 49%
Root Canal €70 €645 89%
Composite Filling €50 €172 70%
Surgical Extraction €200 €368 45%
Professional Lamp Whitening# €330 €622 46%
Invisalign® i7# €1,350 €5,480 75%
*Per jaw, ^acrylic denture per jaw, #both jaws
**Prices are subject to change with case complexity.

Wondering how to pay your treatment bills? Given below are the accepted payment modes. 💰

Payment Methods in Zagreb, Croatia

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Cash (5% discount)
  • Bank Transfer (5% discount)

Dental procedures in Zagreb are likely to save a stupendous amount for you.

Request a free quote to begin your low-cost dental journey abroad with MTC.

We understand that your decision cannot be based solely on affordability.

So, next, we enlist a bundle of reasons why Zagreb is a wonderful choice.

What Makes Zagreb, Croatia, a Top Dental Tourism Destination?

Opting for an outsourced dental service is a safe move for uninsured Brits or Americans.

Zagreb is one of the most sought locations in Croatia for the best dental work in Europe. Let’s see why?

Smiling Dental Tourist— Zagreb Dental Care

Get a Healthy Smile Abroad

Beautiful View innZagreb— Croatia Dental Tourism

Beautiful View in Zagreb, Croatia

A short city break to a charming medieval land is worth it! After all, you will get a holiday & healthy teeth all at once.

Amazing Getaway | Exciting Retreat

Many tourists from the UK & other European countries are fascinated with Zagreb’s bustling nightlife.

You can tack a few extra days to admire its art galleries, museums, street food, and majestic green parks.[3]Smithsonion Magazine
10 Reasons to Visit Lovely Zagreb
“Far from being confined to museums and formal restaurants and galleries, life in Zagreb is lived on the streets of the city itself, with public art… ”
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First-Grade Technology | Guarantee Provided

Digital radiographs, CBCT, & CAD/CAM are brought into use to lessen your appointment time.

You can rely on our partner’s services as they offer a lifetime guarantee on most dental products.


Quality Assured @ Low Cost | Premium brands

Our partner uses elite brands like Nobel Biocare, Straumann, etc.

Despite this, there is a notable difference between Zagreb dental prices & Western countries. Click here to know why.

Easy to Communicate | Patient-Friendly Approach

The staff is bilingual & speaks good English & Croatian to converse well with overseas patients.

Skilled Dentists | In Safe Hands

Our dentists in Zagreb have graduated from accredited institutions:

  • The University of Zagreb, &
  • The University of California

Most of them are associated with local dental bodies like Croatian Dental Chamber.

Dental Team at Dentum Zagreb

Complementary Services | Feel at Ease

You will get a free ride to and from the clinic, so it’s easy to reach.

Moreover, you are provided with accommodation to relax & rest.

Now, let’s introduce you to our eminent dental partner we have been talking about!

Top Dental Clinic in Zagreb, Croatia: A Promising Way Out!

You can now put an end to your search for the best dental clinics in Zagreb.

In Zagreb, our clinics offer a free check-up, a panoramic X-ray, and an implant aftercare kit.

Our partner clinics have over 15 years of experience in treating patients with good-quality materials.

We have another clinic named Dentum with a superior setup & affordable services.

Dentum Clinic

Dentum in Zagreb
  • Address: Gradišćanska ul. 36, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Rating: 4.9 (504 reviews)
  • Opens from: Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 9 PM
  • 24/7 service upon arrival in Zagreb
  • Specialist team of professionals
  • Free first consultation & examinations
Driver for Pick Up/Drop Off

What else do they have for their valuable patients? You will get a:👇

  • Driver for your free local travel back & forth from the clinic
  • 100% reimbursement for the treatment cost (if insured)
  • Free accommodation on the 2nd floor (with the clinic on top)

Here’s the contemporary technology used:

  • CAD/CAM for crowns & bridges
  • Philips Zoom whitening lamps
  • Planmeca Pro X for intraoral images
  • Digital CT device
  • Planmeca Pro Max 3D CBCT
  • VisagiSmile software for digital smile simulation

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Digital Radiographs

Digital Radiographs

Besides, they work with the top implant brands, including:

  • Nobel Biocare & Astra Tech (Sweden)
  • Straumann & Neodent (Swiss)

They want you to relax between treatments, so have these on the ground floor :

  • Vinkl Restaurant – For refreshments & traditional Croatian dishes
  • Play Fitness – Zagreb’s largest fitness center for massage, sauna sessions, etc.

Note: Everything is available at very reasonable prices!

How Will Your First Visit to Dentum Look Like?

We are happy to announce that you get a complimentary visit initially & it includes FREE:

  • Consultation with dentist
  • Dental examinations & panoramic X-ray
  • Personalized dental treatment plan + cost estimate
  • Luxury accommodation + pick up service from/to the airport in Zagreb
Accommodation in Zagreb

Take a short virtual clinic tour through the pictures below!

Now, let’s introduce you to the Visodent Clinic in Zagreb.


Visodent Clinic— Zagreb Dental Clinic
  • Address: Amruševa ul. 6, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Ratings: 4.6 (63 reviews)
  • Opens from: Monday to Friday, 11 AM – 9 PM
  • Thousands of satisfied clients
  • In-house lab & modern equipment
  • Adopts European and world trends
  • Uses CE-certified biocompatible materials
  • Issues a certificate of the procedures performed to specify the type & quality of work

Take a short virtual clinic tour through the pictures below!

A team of dentists, assistants, coordinators, & patient care consultants strives to address all your dental issues.

Want to meet the experts we are talking about? Here we go!

Top 6 Dentists in Zagreb, Croatia

You are in the best hands that treat thousands of patients every year. Read our Zagreb dentist’s profile to know more about them.

Dr. Nikola Petričević

Dr. Nikola Petričević— Best Dentist in Croatia

Education: Department of Mobile Prosthetics at the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb
Expertise: Implants, ​​aesthetics
Association: International Team for Implantology (ITI), International College of Prosthodontists (ICP), European Prosthodontic Association (EPA), Croatian Anthropological Society, Croatian Prosthodontic Society

Dr. Andrej Bozic – DMD, MDM

Dr. Andrej Bozic— Best Dentist in Croatia

Education: Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, 2004
Expertise: Implants, ​​surgery, prosthetics
Experience: 18 years, installed >10,000 implants
Association: Croatian Dental Chamber, opinion leader for Nobel Biocare implants
Other Courses: Neodent Symposium, California, 2018 & Nobel Biocare Global Symposium, New York, 2016

Dr. Petar Bago, DMD

Dr. Petar Bago— Best Dentist in Croatia

Education: The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Expertise: Cosmetic makeover, prosthetics
Experience: 18 years
Association: Croatian Dental Chamber & opinion maker for Neodent implants
Other Courses: Hard & Soft Tissue Management in Aesthetic Areas, Rome, 2015, Implant Dentistry & Anatomy, Vienna, 2013

Dr. Ivana Golubic Bago, DMD

Dr. Ivana Golubić Bago— Best Dentist in Croatia

Education: Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, 2004
Expertise: Periodontology, restorative and aesthetic dentistry
Experience: 17 years
Association: Permanent member, Croatian Dental Chamber
Other Courses: Perio Master Class in Slovenia, 2015, Competence in Aesthetics, Vienna, 2013

Dr. Dunja Ceko, DMD

Dr. Dunja Ceko— Best Dentist in Croatia

Education: Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, 2011
Expertise: Prosthetics, restorative dentistry
Experience: 12 years
Association: Permanent member, Croatian Dental Chamber
Other Courses: Competence in Aesthetics – Nobel Biocare, Vienna, 2015, Perio Implant 5 – international congress, Opatija, 2015

Dr. Katarina Krajacic, DMD

Dr. Katarina Krajacic— Best Dentist in Croatia

First to receive a license as an Invisalign® dentist in Croatia
Education: Faculty of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, 2002
Expertise: Orthodontics, restorative dentistry, surgery, & endodontics
Experience: 20 years
Association: Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, Croatian Orthodontic Society, EurAsian Association of Orthodontists
Other Courses: Dr. Marco Greco – Invisalign®, Zagreb, 2018

The clinic details & dentist credentials will help you make a better decision to travel abroad for dental work.

But what details do our dentists in Zagreb need from you? Watch the videos below to find out!

Your Dentist’s Essential Checklist
All The Details Your Dentist Needs

Ready to fix your teeth at a cost that fits your budget? Book your visit with us today!

What Are the Dental Services Offered in Zagreb?

Do you know how our Zagreb dentists design a beautiful smile for you?

Watch the video below for more information on dental implants in Zagreb, Croatia!

Dental Services in Zagreb: Where Your Smile is the Priority!

Our multispeciality clinic offers various procedures, including:

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Zagreb, Croatia

Implants refer to an artificial teeth root that supports dental prostheses like crowns, bridges, or dentures.


  • Improved speech & eating
  • Permanently restores a smile lost due to missing teeth

Success Rate: > 97% in 10 years[4]National Library of Medicine
Dental Implants
“A high success rate (above 97% for 10 years)…A dental implant is a structure…support for a fixed or removable dental prosthesis. ”
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All on 4 Implants

All on 4 Zagreb

All on 4 in Zagreb offers fixed & full jaw replacements of missing teeth supported by four implants.


  • Supports fixed prosthesis in toothless patients
  • Can restore immediate function & esthetics

Success Rate: 99.2% in 10 years[5]Pub Med Central
A longitudinal study of the survival of All-on-4…
“The prostheses’ survival rate was 99.2 percent with up to 10 years of follow up. ”
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Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crown Croatia

A crown repairs a tooth that is severely damaged, fractured, or decayed.

But, a bridge has false teeth that fill the gaps created by missing one or more teeth.[6]
Crowns, bridges and veneers
“A crown may be recommended by a dentist to fix a badly broken…A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth. ”
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  • Add strength & durability
  • Improves appearance

Success Rate: 98% in 5 years[7]Research Gate
Prospective study of monolithic zirconia crowns…
“For the 50 monolithic zirconia crowns analyzed, the survival rate was 98% after 5 years. ”
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A denture is a removable & custom-built substitute for lost teeth (one or more).[8]Forbes
Dentures: Benefits, Types And Costs
“Dentures—or removable appliances that can replace missing teeth… ”
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  • Prevents facial sagging
  • Improves eating habits & makes speech clear

Success Rate: 86.9%[9]
A retrospective study of risk factors…
“The overall success rate of mandibular complete denture suction was 86.9%. ”
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Click here for a better understanding of dentures versus implants.

Say Goodbye to Gum Problems in Zagreb


Zagreb Dental Veneers

They refer to the thin coverings of porcelain or composite resin, attached to the front tooth surfaces.[10]Colgate
Dental Veneers: Pros And Cons
“Veneers are thin porcelain or composite resin coverings that are bonded to the front surface of a tooth using dental cement. ”
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  • Easily camouflage stained teeth
  • Correct tooth imperfections: chipped teeth

Success Rate: 90 – 95% in 10 years[11]Animated Teeth
How long do porcelain veneers last?
“The consensus of research studies…porcelain veneer longevity (survival) typically lies in the range of 90 to 95% after 10 years of service. ”
View in Article
Which Type of Veneer Do You Need?

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

It lightens the existing dark shade of teeth without trimming any enamel surface.[12]
Tooth whitening
“Tooth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. ”
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  • Enhance your smile
  • Boosts your confidence

Success Rate: 95% for non-vital whitening[13]
The endo expert – non-vital tooth whitening
“Studies have shown success results in 95% of cases when the cause of tooth discolouration was from a pulpal origin. ”
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Besides, veneers & teeth whitening, esthetic fillings & free hand bonding also contribute to cosmetic dentistry.

Smile Design: Get More Than Just White Teeth



The teeth responsible for crooked smiles are shifted to the desired position using metal braces & clear aligners.

They can also be straightened using a clear & invisible system called Invisalign.

Success Rate: 96% for Invisalign[14]
What is the success rate of Invisalign?
“On average, Invisalign treatment has a 96% success rate. ”
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Other procedures include:

  • Extraction
  • Fillings/restorations
  • Teeth cleaning (SRP)
  • Root canal treatment

Is Zagreb Safe for Solo Dental Travel?

Every tourist shares a concern for safety. Therefore, we thoroughly examine all aspects when you visit the city in Croatia.

Dental Safety

The clinic in Zagreb is ISO 9001:2015 certified – the international standard for quality management.

With a decade of experience, our dentists hold certifications in the industry’s leading implant brands.

Besides, they allow safe methods of payment for your dental bills.

Safety for Solo Travelers

Well, Zagreb is quite safe for solo travelers (including females).

Also, walking alone during daylight or at night is considered safe.

However, a few tourists reported the incidence of fraud in ‘Gentlemen’s Clubs.’

Did you know?
The crime levels are low, with a 22.17 index (< 20 = very low).

Road Safety

You can rely on public transportation as it is extensive and secure.

However, we suggest you look for officially marked taxis & trusted apps only.

Also, you can negotiate fares & check if the driver uses the meter, to avoid getting tricked.

  • For road help (HAK), dial (+385 1) 1987 in an emergency. ☎️
  • If you get into a tragedy, you can dial the emergency number 112.
Foreign travel advice Croatia
“Crime levels are low and violent crime is rare…If you get into trouble, call the emergency number 112. ”
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IL Croatia[16]IL Croatia
Is Zagreb safe for a living and for travel?
“According to their data, Zagreb has a Crime Index 22.17… ”
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Zagreb Travel Guidelines in 2023

We want you to have a smooth-sailing dental vacation in Croatia, the newest member of the EU.

So, we have collected all the relevant data possible to save you from any inconvenience.

Did you know?
Nearly 727,555 British nationals came to Croatia in 2022 & they are known to have a trouble-free visit.[17]
Foreign travel advice Croatia
“Approximately 727,555 British nationals visited Croatia in 2022. Most visits are trouble-free. ”
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What Are the Prerequisites?

For a non-EU National

Carry a passport (with a visa) valid for at least 3 months after the exit date & issued within the previous 10 years

For EU National

  • With a Schengen visa, you are automatically permitted to travel to other Schengen areas like Zagreb in Croatia.
  • Valid Schengen residence permit = Long-stay visa

Note: Get your travel, health, and/or car insurance documents.

Travel documents for non-EU nationals
“If you are a non-EU national wishing to visit or travel within the EU, you will need a passport: valid for at least 3 months… ”
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How To Reach Zagreb?

Zagreb is a centrally located European city connected with almost all major European cities.

So it won’t be difficult to make a flight reservation at a reasonable cost.

Here are some economical flights to Franjo Tuđman Airport, ZAG:

Zagreb Airport
Origin Time Airlines Stops
London, LHR 2 hr 30 min British Airways Direct
Manchester (MAN), ENG 2 hr 30 min Ryanair Direct
Edinburg (EDI), Scotland 7 hr Lufthansa 1 Stop @ Frankfurt (FRA)
New York, JFK, US 13 hr 50 min Norse Atlantic Airways, Croatia 1 Stop @ Paris (CDG)
Chicago, ORD, US 13 hr 30 min Turkish Airlines Istanbul (IST)
Note: Zagreb Airport to the city center (by direct bus) – 25 min

Distance from Airport ↔️ Clinic = 11.9 miles (29 min)

On arrival at the airport, our driver will escort you to the clinic, where a patient care team will be waiting to greet you.

Tip: Cheapest months to fly are January & February[19]Kayak
Find cheap flights to Zagreb
“The cheapest month for flights to Zagreb is January. ”
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Public Transport in Zagreb

Main cities and tourist areas are well linked with local transport like:


One of the best services that run during the night as well.

The special “Merry Christmas” tram also runs every December from the main square every half an hour.


With extensive bus connectivity across the city, Zagreb has two tourist bus routes that operate a hop-on/hop-off service.

These open-air buses operate from May to October.

Taxis and Uber

You can book an app-guided service, including a taxi, uber, or ridesharing for traveling within the city.

Tourist Train

You can board this vehicle for a delightful city tour on weekends for free. It runs every 40 minutes from 10 AM – 7.20 PM.


It is considered one of the most eco-friendly forms. Cycling in Zagreb is €0.66 per 30 minutes.

Zagreb Funicular

It is the oldest & shortest track from Lower to Upper Town, which began in 1890.


Cycling in Zagreb


Zagreb Funicular


Note: Validate your ticket before getting onto transportation.

Zagreb Public Transport
“Trams are undeniably the best way to get around Zagreb…It costs €0.66 per 30 minutes of hire…Just open up your app and get an Uber taxi. ”
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Now, we are ready to head to this destination that’s both picturesque & diverse. Read on!

Zagreb Tourist Attractions: Time to Have Fun!

To get a stunning close-up view of the place, check out this assorted list of the top 8 things to do in Zagreb:

Top Attractions

Nikola Tesla Museum

You can explore the realm of science and technology in this museum.

It exhibits great work like Planetarium, the Apisarium, the Mine, and the Nikola Tesla study.

Timings: Mon – Fri (9 AM – 5 PM), Sat – Sun (9 AM – 1 PM)

Distance from the clinic: 📍 2.2 miles (10 min)

Ticket: ~ €4 (Allow free cancellation)

Nikola Tesla Museum— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism


Far from the city’s regular rhythm, you will feel refreshed amidst green spaces & romantic vibes.

Timings: Open 24 hrs

Distance from the clinic: 📍 2.6 miles (11 min)

Walking tour cost: ~ €20

Zrinjevac— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism

Tkalčićeva Street

This upper town street is packed with mini boutiques & traditional shops.

Coffee lovers can explore cafes & relish local food in restaurants.

Distance from the clinic: 📍 5.0 miles (19 min)

Tkalčićeva Street— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism

St. Mark’s Church

It’s one of the oldest shrines in Zagreb, situated on St.Mark’s Square with beautiful frescoes & a colorful tiled roof.

Timings: 7:30 AM – 6 PM

Distance from the clinic: 📍 2.2 miles (11 min)

St. Mark's Church— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism

Museum of Illusions

Want to have an immersive and fun experience? Then, explore one of the largest hologram displays at the Museum of Illusions.

Timings: 9 AM – 10 PM

Distance from the clinic: 📍 1.7 miles (8 min)

Ticket: ~ €8.07

Museum of Illusions— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism

Botanical Garden

Get a refuge away from the city around beautiful ponds and a wide array of flora and fauna.

Witness cherry blossoms & a flower-filled oasis in spring.

Timings: Apr-Oct, Mon – Tue: 9 AM – 2:30 PM & Wed: 9 AM – 7 PM

Distance from the clinic: 📍 3.3 miles (21 min)

Botanical Garden— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism

Source: Trip Advisor[21]Trip Advisor
Things to Do in Zagreb
“Top Attractions in Zagreb…Nikola Tesla Museum, Zrinjevac, Tkalčićeva Street… ”
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Zagreb Christmas Market

It has been voted the best in 3 consecutive years in Europe.[22]Croatia Week
CNN names Zagreb on world’s best Christmas markets
“Voted the best Christmas markets in Europe for three years running ”
View in Article

So, if you are extending your vacation plans to winter, then don’t miss the Eve lights.

Timings: 10 AM – 8 PM (Nov – Jan)

Christmas Market— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism

Popular Day Tours

Day Tours From Zagreb

We have a few exciting tours here:

  • Taste Zagreb Food Tour
  • Local private walking tour
  • Private Wine Road Day Tour
  • Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke day tour
  • Ljubljana and Bled Lake small group tour
  • Zagreb to Split Group Transfer + Plitvice Lakes Tour
Plitvice Lakes— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism

Games & Activities

Activities That Give You a Thrill!

Feel a rush of adrenaline by playing games – riddles, puzzles, or codes? Let the fun begin!

Portal Escape 🎮 

Participate with your partner, friend, or family to enjoy a live adventure that mimics a movie.

Exit if You Can 🔫

In this, you get a chance to be a hero by saving the town. Exit the place safely to win.

ClueGo Room 🧩

Stay in a locked room for 75 min & solve a mystery series to complete the mission.

Zagreb: Know it Before You Go!

It’s crucial to have a reasonable understanding of the destination you intend to visit.

We’re confident that discovering everything about Zagreb will pique your interest!

We Bet You Didn’t Know This!



Croatian (Hrvatski) is widely spoken here. Despite some being English speakers as well, it is considered a second language.[23]Mondly
What Language Is Spoken in Croatia?
“The name of the language Croatians speak is ‘Croatian’, the ‘Croatian language’ or Hrvatski. ”
View in Article

Sim Cards

Similar to the UK, Zagreb also has a GSM network, so you can use your mobile phone & use local WiFi.

You can get a SIM card from T-Mobile, A1, Telemach, or Airalo to avoid international roaming.

Being a Go Roam destination, your data can be utilized here (@ no extra cost).[24]
“Croatia is a Go Roam in Europe destination which means you can use your data here at no extra cost. ”
View in Article


With warm summers & frigid or snowy winters, Zagreb is partly cloudy year round with 27°F to 82°F.

April to September is the most pleasant & opportune time for tourists here.[25]Holidify
Best Time To Visit Zagreb
“In Zagreb, the summers are warm, the winters are very cold… ”
View in Article


As per the reports from Croatian Public Health Institute, tap water is safe to drink & fill your bottles.[26]Croatia Week
Can You Drink Tap Water in Croatia?
“Water from these public water supply systems is controlled regularly and is safe to drink. ”
View in Article

Food & Wine

You can try these flavorsome items: Quahwa (vegan-friendly coffee), Burek at Dolac Market, Pingvin (Penguin), and Oily fish from Adriatic.

Adriatic Sea Fish— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism

Adriatic Sea Fish

Burek— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism


Quahwa— Zagreb, Croatia Dental Tourism


To have a fantastic time with good wine, visit this famous wine cellar named Bornstein.


Arena Centar has big malls & designer stores to go out on a shopping spree.

Furthermore, you can try the Kravata tie shop with the finest silk designs & variety of shapes.

You can try some artisan shops like CROATA or Souvenir Kaptol to buy heritage gifts or location-specific products.

Kravata Tie Shop

Kravata Tie Shop

Souvenir Shops

Souvenir Shops


Zagreb Nightlife Areas: Bars & Clubs

You can cheer up with good people around & revel in the pleasant ambiance of:

  • Alcatraz: 7 AM – 4 AM
  • Vinoteka Bornstein: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Swanky Monkey Garden: 8 AM – 12 AM
  • Rock Beer Club Alcatraz: 9 AM – 4 AM
Zagreb at Night


Zagreb Hotels

Nestled in the heart of Zagreb, the hotels provide a perfect blend of comfort and cost.

If you plan to stay in a hotel, then look no further than these 3-star recommendations below:

Hotels Ratings Price Estimate Distance
Delminivm 4.6 €94 2.9 miles from the clinic (12 min)
Vienna 4.1 €81 2.9 miles from the clinic (11 min)
Jarun 4.7 €78 2.1 miles from the clinic (11 min)
Villa Antunovac 4.4 €57 0.9 miles from the clinic (6 min)

Hotel Delminivm


Hotel Vienna

Hotel Vienna

Hotel Jarun

Hotel Jarun

Villa Antunovac

Villa Antunovac

Last but not least! We have a short section to help you pack your bags before flying to Zagreb.

What Should I Pack for Zagreb?

Don’t miss out on your essential items:[27]Empty Light house
Zagreb, Croatia… [2023]
“What to wear/what to pack: sweater, heavy jacket…light dresses… ”
View in Article

In Summers ☀️

  • Clothing: dresses, light skirts, short pants, short & long sleeve shirts
  • Footwear: breathable shoes, sandals
  • Others: sunscreen lotion, sunglasses

In Winters ⛄

  • Clothing: sweaters, heavy jackets, warm pants, jeans, fleece, gloves
  • Footwear: warm socks, waterproof snow boots
  • Others: umbrella, ski accessories, lip balm

Additionally, you can add the following to your backpack:

  • Water bottle
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Voltage adapter
  • Travel first aid kit
  • Travel pillow
  • Good hiking shoes
  • Portable power bank
  • Travel disinfecting wipes

Note: During the rainy season, you can carry a waterproof bag, rain pants & a poncho, and 100% waterproof footwear.

For more dental-related questions, read our FAQ segment next.


Is dental work cheaper in Zagreb, Croatia?

Undeniably, Zagreb is cheaper than UK or US. It is due to the reduced cost of education and training of dentists & other staff.[28]
Dental Tourism and Business Risks: the Example of the Republic of Croatia
“ Lower costs of education and training of staff, opening an office and real estate are just some of the reasons…”
View in Article

Moreover, the initial consultation is not charged here. Also, the cost of dental work is relatively reasonable as you are likely to save ~ 62%.

For instance, the cost of a single implant in Zagreb is €750, while the same may be available at €2128 in the UK.

So, you can clearly make how huge the difference is.

How much is a full set of veneers in Zagreb, Croatia?

The cost of a single ceramic veneer in Zagreb is €425. The number of veneers to be given depends on case requirements,

A complete veneer set might consist of 12 or 16 units (including upper & lower arch).

Therefore, the cost of a full set of veneers in Zagreb amount to about €5100 or €6800.

How much is it to get your teeth done in Zagreb, Croatia?

To replace all the missing teeth, a fixed full-mouth rehab with implants in Zagreb is the choice of treatment.

All on 4 implants, priced at €17,080 (for both jaws), provide the best support for fixed bridges or dentures.

If you want an affordable procedure, a conventional complete denture (acrylic) worth €600 (per jaw) is an alternative.

The Takeaway

Getting dental work in Zagreb is not a decision made just in a few minutes.

In fact, it takes a lot of research & active consideration of what’s available.

Our aim at MTC is to reduce your need to search extensively by giving you the essential details.

Want to discover the very essence of European life & affordable dental care?

Feel free to connect with us today &amp; get ready to flaunt a beautiful smile.


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