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Invisalign abroad


What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the medical device which is used for straighten the teeth alignment as an alternative to traditional metal dental braces. Invisalign is transparent (invisible) and removable teeth aligners and hence preferred by adults who don’t want to use the traditional metal braces. In simple terms they are referred to as invisible braces. In addition to the obvious advantage of the dental braces being invisible, Invisalign orthodontics offers several other advantages.

  1. Invisalign are more comfortable then the conventional metal braces. Invisalign braces are specially customized with the precise impression and aligners for the teeth. This improves the overall effectiveness of the use of the technique and improves the quality of the simile.
  2. Invisalign are removable, especially during eating, drinking, brushing, flossing or on any other special occasion. This allows the individual to maintain greater dental hygiene. Clinical data suggest that the incidence of decay, demineralization and shortening of the root of the tooth reduces by over 50%. Invisalign braces are smooth and don’t cause irritation to the gums.
  3. Invisalign braces are changed every two weeks as against the conventional braces which are replaced once in over six weeks. This reduces the pain and force exerted on the teeth by Invisalign, as compared to the traditional metal braces
  4. Studies have been conducted which suggest that individuals using invisalign are treated faster than individuals using conventional techniques, with Invisalign taking 12-18 months for complete treatment.

However Invisalign braces cost is significantly higher than conventional metal braces. The cost of invisalign braces would depend upon the duration for which the treatment is required and its complexity. However invisalign cost are 20% to 50% higher than the cost of braces for the teeth, using conventional technique. There is an option of going abroad for low cost invisalign treatment with the extent of cost saving depending upon the location. Invisalign, India costs almost 40% lower than in the United States.

How Does the Invisalign Technology Work?

  • In the first visit to the dentist, the dentist will assess the condition and review the requirements of the individual to check if the individual is suitable for invisalign treatment. If the individual is found to be suitable for the invisible braces treatment, an image of teeth alignment is taken, from a bite impression of the mouth for digitalization purposes.
  • The bite impression is used to create a three dimensional computer image which represents the current alignment and configuration of the teeth. Based on the three dimensional images, the doctor will plan the movement of your teeth throughout the entire treatment plan. The virtual representation of the teeth during the different stages of the treatment will be shown to the individual to help him/her understand the progress and the treatment plan.
  • Exactly as per the treatment plan, the computerized and precise invisalign braces are created, with the first one fitting exactly as per the current configuration and each successive brace, inserting gentle pressure on the teeth to move them to the target alignment.
  • On an average, an individual may require anywhere between 18 to 30 invisalign braces, depending upon the extent of alignment required. Each brace is to be worn for two weeks, throughout the day, except during meals. After two weeks the next set of invisible braces are to be used and the process continues till the target teeth alignment is achieved.

Limitations of the Invisalign Treatment

Though invisalign provides several advantages over the use of conventional metal braces, the technology has certain limitations,

  • The success of the treatment after using the invisalign depends upon the commitment of the individual, their habits and consistency with which they wear the removable and invisible braces. It is crucial for the individual to wear the braces for most of the day i.e. 22 hours, and remove them only during eating or brushing
  • There is a significant possibility of these aligners getting lost, as they can be removed. It is always recommended that the individual maintain a set of the previous aligner braces, which may be handy, in case of such an eventuality.
  • The Invisalign technology may find it difficult to rotate certain teeth like the molars, which require greater force and consistent pressure.
  • Certain habits of the individual like grinding or clenching the teeth, during the day or in their sleep may tend to damage the clear braces and they would require replacement. This need for replacement would increase the overall cost of invisalign treatment
  • The invisible braces are prepared from a material called the “polyurethane”, which is approved by the FDA. However this material is known to cause allergic reactions and toxic sensitivity reaction in some of the individuals, though this is very rare. The symptoms include sore throat, nausea or cough in mild cases while throat pain extending upon to the chest or overall systemic swelling are reported in some of the major allergic reactions. A detailed review and assessment of the individual is hence very essential at the start of the treatment process.
  • Any treatment fallouts or failures to wear the aligners for the requisite period of time would imply that the next set would not fit appropriately and the entire treatment procedure will have to be repeated. This increases the invisalign costs over time. Some of the dental insurance plan covers orthodontic treatment which would cover your invisalign cost; however the cost of invisalign without insurance would range from 3000$ to 9000$.

Invisalign Vs Veneers

Invisalign is considered as the best technology available for straightening and aligning teeth to make your smile look most beautiful and attractive. However, as discussed earlier there are some alternatives to the invisalign treatment which include conventional braces and Veneers. Conventional braces have several limitations which have already been mentioned. Though no direct comparison can be made between veneers and Invisalign system, both of the techniques, address to the same cosmetic issue i.e. teeth straightening.

  • Veneers is a quick fix technology where a thin piece of porcelain or plastic is glued to the front of the teeth s as to give the look of a beautiful smile with sparkling teeth
  • For installation of Veneers, the enamel of the tooth has to be permanently removed, to accommodate the porcelain or plastic material. This is essentially an irreversible procedure
  • On an average Veneers last for five to ten years and they would either chip off, break or just fall off and would require to be replaced, making them relatively expensive.
  • It is essential to understand that Veneers is a purely cosmetic treatment, which doesn’t deal with the underlying dental defect but simply covers up the imperfections of irregularly aligned teeth, with the underlying pathology persisting.

Invisalign in India

In recent years, India has emerged as one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world with several thousands of international patients from Europe, Middle East and North America, visiting the country in search of low cost international quality of medical care. Dental technology has also seen rapid and considerable advancements, with highly qualified and trained dentists to support and enhance the dental care outcomes. Several American patients travel to India for cheap invisalign treatment. In addition to low invisalign cost, India has several private dental clinics and hospitals that are located at the most famous tourist spots across India, especially to cater to foreign clients. Most of the larger hospitals are JCI or internationally accredited, which ensures that the quality of medical care is comparable to international standards. Also visit Dental Tourism India

Invisalign in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most preferred international medical tourism destinations among the American patients. This is attributed to the high quality of medical care, strong and robust infrastructure, simple visa procedures for medical tourist and low cost of medical care. The cost of invisalign in Thailand is fairly lower that that in the United States which allows a cost saving of over 25 to 50%. Further, there is an opportunity to couple medical travel with leisure travel, as Thailand is one of the most preferred tourist attractions in the Far East which it’s attributed to its cultural practices and the high prevalence of English speaking population in the country. Also visit Medical Tourism in Thailand

Invisalign in Mexico

The World Health Organization (WHO) has rated Mexican health infrastructure one of the top 60 in the world. This is attributed to highly qualified and trained professionals, state of the art equipments and medical technology and international accreditations for some of the leading facilities in the country. Most Americans would prefer Mexico for dental care and treatment abroad, as it is fairly close to the United States and the cost of medical care is 50% lower. Also visit Dental tourism in Mexico

Invisalign in Jordan

Emerging as one of the fastest growing medical tourism destination in Middle East, Jordan has rapidly strengthened its healthcare infrastructure to cater to foreign clientele. There has been special emphasis on the part of the government and administrative authorities to improve the quality of medical care, to prop up the position of Jordon as the best international medical tourism destination. Also visit dental tourism in Jordan

Invisalign in Turkey

With a steadily increasing influx of patients for surrounding European nations, Turkey has grown as a world class medical tourism destination which provides quality medical care services at highly affordable prices. The involvement of the government is obvious from the fact that it has laid down strict quality control guidelines and standard procedure codes, so as to facilitate foreign patients coming to the country, in availing the benefits of low cost care. Dental care and treatment cost is highly affordable and saves approximately 50% of the expenses of American patients. Also check Medical Tourism in Turkey

Invisalign in South Korea

In recent years, South Korea has emerged as the fastest growing medical tourism destination of the Far East. This is attributed low cost of medical care, latest medical technology and highly advanced medical equipments and specially trained and qualified medical professional teams.

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