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Dental Implants in San Salvador, El Salvador

A dental implant is a metallic peg that is implanted into the jawbone for replacing a missing tooth. Unfortunately the cost of dental implants in first world countries like the USA, Canada and in most of Europe is very high and therefore many people, especially those without a dental insurance, fail to get this treatment in their home countries.

Dental Implants in San Salvadore
However, the cost of dental implants in El Salvador is much lesser and foreigners usually take advantage of dental tourism here.

Our teeth not only help us to bite and chew our food but also contribute to the shape and look of our face. But there could be nothing as embarrassing as a toothless smile. While dentures may provide a cheaper solution, after a certain time many refuse to take the hassle of managing and cleaning their dentures on a daily basis.

With dental implants you can get rid of loose dentures and also enjoy the feeling of natural teeth. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry facts, around 3 million Americans have implants and the number is growing by almost 500,000 per annum.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Artificial substitutes that closely resemble the look and functioning of a real tooth
  • Created from a particular type of titanium alloy compatible with the tissues of a human body
  • The adjacent teeth are not affected or damaged in any way
  • Help prevent bone loss
  • More comfortable as they are firmly anchored to the bone
  • Can withstand a chewing pressure of 450 lbs/sq. inch

Cost of Dental Implants in El Salvador

Dental Implant prices in El Salvador are almost 30-60% lesser than what you’d generally pay in many of North American hospitals. Patients who have more complicated dental problems often need additional procedures like bone grafting. As prices increase with the type and number of dental treatments, it often becomes difficult for patients to be able to pay for a quality treatment from their pockets.

The significant savings that one can make by traveling to San Salvador, El Salvador for dental implants, crowns and bridges, veneers, and other dental work, are sure a draw for people, who are intimidated of the dentists’ big bills.

Map of San Salvador

Why Get Fixed Tooth Replacements in El Salvador?

  • Salvador has quite a few reputed hospitals, which offer world-class dental care.
  • You can choose to be treated under highly trained dental implants surgeons in Central America, many of whom have advanced education from the US.
  • Long waiting lists and undue delays are rarely experienced.
  • You may easily find dentists who are conversant with both Spanish and English.
  • Modern equipment and international standards of hygiene can be expected in the reputed dental clinics of Salvador.
  • Cheap pharmaceuticals and accommodation are widely available.
  • Getting dental implants in El Salvador would also save you from an exorbitant travel fare if you live in North America.

Tips for People Seeking Dental Work in Salvador

  • As per immigration rules you must have your passport along with your visa or tourist card when entering the country.
  • There are several options to get around places such as car rentals, buses and taxis. El Salvador is now well connected with a powerful GPS navigation system so you can always choose to drive yourself. However, being a different country the traffic laws, road signs, may be difficult to follow.
  • Avoid carrying too much of cash and other valuables when using public transport, especially buses.
  • Always carry a small first-aid kit and a mosquito repellant.
  • The El Salvador International Airport is located in Comalapa. It takes about forty five minutes to reach San Salvador from there.
  • The US Dollar is Salvador’s official currency. It would be best to carry $1, $5, $10, $20 dollar bills. Higher denominations are often unaccepted.
  • Carry a list of common Spanish terms and keep it handy. Always greet or shake hands when meeting people. Usted (you) is the formal Spanish term to address locals.


It’s time you get rid of the insecurity and discomfort you’ve been facing for your dentures or damaged teeth and consider a pocket-friendly treatment option like dental implants in San Salvador, El Salvador. Claim a free quote or get your queries answered by filling out our form.


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