Check out this review on Full Mouth Restoration in Cancun, Mexico. The client has been going to Dentaris for the past 6 years and is ecstatic about his new smile and appearance! Dentaris Dental Clinic in Cancun is a state of the art dental center that has been serving smiles since 1983.

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Hi, my name is Herarto Pereche. I have been living in Cancun for almost 11 years. I come from Mexico City and I work in Puerto Cancun. I am the CEO of all the beautiful developments that we have here in Cancun.

Well, I got a full mouth! My teeth were terrible. I was probably too ashamed to smile! I came 6 years ago. Now with my full treatment, I am completely happy. Amazing work they have done.

Besides the facility… it is a beautiful facility… I think the most impressive part of Dentaris for me would be the warmth of the doctors, how they treat you, how they take care of you, how they… they have a very nice touch. So, they take care of me… that feeling of going to the dentist and that feeling of going to be hurt or feeling some kind of pain… they have a really nice touch and for me, as a person, they are different from what I experienced my previous years with other dentists.

Coming to Cancun is incredible because you have flights from all over the world. That is why it has been the main tourist spot in Mexico. So, coming from the US, coming from any part of the world to Cancun is very easy. Usually, you have really good flight rates. Besides that, Cancun is paradise!

You will hear during your stay that you will be able to do so many things… so many things, like with the nature… complete tourist development. You are scared by this side of the facility at Dentaris but you have the beautiful development of Puerto, Cancun with a golf course, the Marina Commercial centre.

So, I really think it is pretty easy for everyone to come here. Besides, the prices are hugely different from what we have in the US.

All of my family comes here to Dentaris. My father lives here in Cancun and probably, a lot of my closest friends come to Dentaris and they come because of the doctors, the people we know, we are related, we know them from our social environment.

So, I think pretty much of my friends and family that lives in Cancun, and my family that lives in Mexico City, when they come here to Cancun, they take the opportunity to come to Dentaris and get checked on.

I got a full treatment, for all my mouth. I used to do bruxism, when you grind your teeth tight together. My teeth got completely destroyed. They were really, really small.

When I first came, they told me about all the treatments available and I was like all scared about the things that had to be done in order to redo my mouth or my teeth.

It was a long treatment because it was part by part. So, there were the provisional teeth. That was probably the hardest part, going into a couple of surgeries to take them out of my mouth… But, when I see the work when it has finished, I am amazed with the change and the change is that this new mouth, this new image that they gave me… it changed my life and confidence.

Because now I can open my mouth! I can smile and laugh. I really feel confident and I have a really good image of myself. In the past, I tried to cover my teeth because I was a little bit ashamed of my smile.

So, it really was a game changer for me and I am really happy with all the help. Besides, the time and cost involved in this… I am completely happy with it.

To every person who usually tells me that I have a beautiful smile, I tell them to go to Dentaris!”

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Full mouth restoration in Cancun

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