Client Review’s Dental Implants in Cancun – Mexico

Lance came all the way from California to get his dental work in Cancun, Mexico. Very happy with the fact that he saved a lot of money and there was no language barrier, Lance especially liked the hospitality of the staff and how nice the people were. Check out his review on dental implants in Cancun.


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Video Transcription

“My name is Lance. I am living on social security and when I found out that I needed to have all my lower teeth removed, it was more money than I can possibly think of spending on my teeth. So, I went on the internet and did a lot of research. I spent days researching and found Dr. Berrón, as one of the several possibilities. I wanted a dentist who could speak the language and was trained in the United States. He had a lot of good testimonials!

“I flew down to Cancun two years ago. He took all my rotten teeth out, which had died due to dry mouth and medication and put in six implants and I walked out three hours later with the temporary prosthetics.

“It was pretty much a no-brainer. In the US, I was quoted a price of $50,000 for four implants and the prosthetics. Dr. Berrón would probably be less than one-third of that. $18,000! When one lives on social security and has some savings, one cannot spend money that one cannot afford. I’d heard a lot of people come into Mexico, as well as Costa Rica and Thailand. I like Mexico!

“When I first arrived here, his office manager, Alejandro, come out and gave me a hug. They have been my friends ever since.  Dr. Berrón is a wonderful human being as well as a great dentist. If I could afford to have the remaining work done in the United States, I would still come here to see Dr. Berrón and his clinic.

“Well, I had been to several dental clinics in the US. They are all clean and they’ve got equipment but in general, they are more business-like. They are not really friendly. In one of the clinics, it was clearly all about the money. And just… had lost my trust in American dentistry.

Yes, I have. The man I have worked with for many years, I talked to him today and he is very interested. He comes down to coast of Cali anyway for diving so I think he is going to be coming to see Dr. Berrón very soon.

“It’s going to be hot! Summer time is lots of mosquitoes when it rains a lot. But, what I like is the people. The people are all just so nice. They are wonderful. People are warmer and friendlier than people back home in general.

“I think the quality of work is excellent. I have more confidence in what I get from Dr. Berrón than what I would get in California. I don’t think anybody would regret coming to see Dr. Berrón. I think they will find that they have found a great doctor and a friend!”

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