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Robin Reviews Dental Crowns and Implants in Cancun – Mexico

Check out Robin’s testimonial on dental work in Cancun. She has had dental crowns, tooth reconstruction and root canals by Dr. Berrón and gushes about how amazing her experience was.

Robin says that she has already recommended the dental clinic in Cancun to her friends and family and they all have loved their experience at the clinic as well. She remarks that the material used for dental treatments like crowns and implants are at par with the materials used in the United States.


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Video Transcription

“My name is Robin Hoffman and I am originally from New Jersey. I have had about three crowns done, root canal. I have had a total reconstruction of one of my molars in the back. I had an implant done, post-crown as well, and occasional cleanings.

“On my mother’s side of the family, the teeth… we tend to have problems with our teeth. They break easily, there are cavities more than normal and I think, genetically, I take after that side of the family. I haven’t really had any major problems with my teeth but the occasional cavity or occasional fracture in the tooth where a root canal is needed or a new crown is needed here and there. But basically, that is all the challenges I have had.

“My experience was amazing. Dr. Berron has a very good hand and very reassuring and the administration of anesthesia and how he was performing all of the dental work. I really did not have any pain at all. It was a very pleasant experience.

“I recommended many friends and family members and they have had their work done here as well and they have also been very pleased.

“I find that the quality of the equipment, materials used, are exactly the same as the US. It’s pretty much the same for me. I don’t really see any difference in the quality. What I do see is the bedside manner of Dr. Berrónis so reassuring and um, because going for dental work can make you a little uncomfortable and he definitely makes the experience very nice and like I said, I’ve had a very good experience every time I’ve come.

“I think Cancun is an amazing place to come to have dental work because you can enjoy your vacation and have your dental work done at the same time as it doesn’t really interfere. You can do all the activities, you know, enjoy the sun, the water and it is very safe. Cancun is very safe. They receive over a million tourists a year and it is one of the number one destinations to come for vacation.

“As opposed to Dr. Berrón and his staff and the people he works with, it is like you are part of a family. You come, they know your name. They treat you with utmost respect and love and the quality of the work is first class! So, for me, it has been the most amazing experience.”

Quality dental caps and bridges are available in Cancun, among other dental treatments. The beautiful resort city gives dental tourists an opportunity to indulge in a memorable holiday.

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