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CIMA Hospital – Costa Rica

Hospital CIMA, San Jose, Costa Ricais one of the top hospitals in Central America. The hospital is an outstanding success story. Starting in year 2000, by 2004, it garnered over 40% market share of the private healthcare field in Costa Rica.

Hospital CIMA Costa Rica as a Medical Tourism Choice

Below are some of the reasons why CIMA Hospital in Escazu, San Jose is popular.

    • It is JCI-accredited, an international mark of quality in medical & health care.
    • It is run by International Hospital Corporation, a Texas-based entity that has hospital chains across Latin America. Apart from Costa Rica, CIMA has centers in Mexico at Monterrey, Puebla, and Hermosillo. In Brazil, IHC runs VITA at Curitiba, Batel, and Volta Redonda. When you choose Hospital CIMA in San Jose, Costa Rica, for surgery or dental treatment, etc., the healthcare quality will be comparable to the US hospitals.
    • The top management of the hospital is all American.
    • With excellent hospital service, comes the cost savings. At Hospital CIMA, any procedure you opt for – be it bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, dental treatment, or regular health check-ups will be at least 30-70% cheaper than that in the US or Canada.

    • It is a one-stop center for all health care needs while in Costa Rica. It has state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment like open MRI, high-speed helical CT scan, nuclear medicine, bone-density scan, etc. and other related services like blood bank, emergency, physical therapy facility – all under one roof.
    • The Costa Rica doctors, surgeons, physicians & dentists who practice at Hospital CIMA, San Jose, have to undergo stringent credential check process put in place by the CIMA management. They are board-certified, many are english-speaking. Many of them maintain some sort of professional relationship with an American institution in their field of specialization like trainings & organization memberships.
    • CIMA Hospital in San Jose is the only hospital in Central America that is accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs. In fact, the United States veterans have an office in the lobby of the hospital.
    • Medical tourists represent more than 25% of the patients at CIMA Hospital, and this number is growing. This is substantial proof about foreigners’ preference for this hospital.

The above mentioned reasons, make CIMA Costa Rica as one of the preferred choice of US patients travelling for medical care to Costa Rica.

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