In this video, a leading plastic surgeon from Costa Rica talks about his education and experience.

He is a specialist in aesthetic plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. He has studied medicine from Costa Rica and got his certification for plastic surgery from Mexico.

The surgeon explains various forms of cosmetic surgery tummy tuck, liposuction, Facelift, body contouring, lipo tummy tuck & more.

In the end, he talks about the importance of a strong mental ability of the patient and consciousness of her real expectations from the procedure, necessary for the success of the surgery.

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Costa Rica - Dr Gustavo Chavarria

Following is the video narration:

“I am a certified plastic surgeon in this country, I have practiced many procedures for aesthetic plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery from the last 15 years.

Well I studied medicine in Costa Rica. I certify as a mentor … as a general surgeon, I … general surgery. For years and then I got certification in Mexico city for plastic and reconstructive surgery 3 years. I also… go to united states every year for aesthetic and esthetic meeting of plastic surgeons.

Now the procedures in plastic surgery are…. Tend to be shorter than before…with faster recovery then before and not necessarily invasive to, so people who want fast recovery and go to work.

For example- for face lift we… the procedure we perform is … lift, which is a surgery with faster recovery and lesser scars.

We get very nice rejuvenation from patients… For men and women, who want to obtain a rejuvenation and Also for comfortable breast surgery, breast augmentation is the coming procedure where you see … are the most important brands.. are used around the world.

Also another procedure for the breast is breast reconstructive. Women who have suffered breast cancer are reconstructed, recostructive with flaps or implants or combination of balls.

There are for example we can reconstruct the breast with a tissue obtained from the abdomen the tummy or from the back. It is also used to implants or expansers.

Liposuction is also a coming procedure… Is the most common procedure performed in plastic surgery. We perform liposuction procedure…….

It’s a worldwide procedure using the so called tumescent technique, which means at the beginning of the operation we use a solution to decrease the bleeding, so the surgeon can obtain fat which is the most important.

The procedure also could be performed with a ultrasound or could be performed with laser, probably the most common way to manually perform the procedure.

Sometimes we also … the fat, the fat that we have taken from abdomen … augmentation in, we could obtain a very nice.
If we don’t have enough fat, we have use implants, Also we use silicone gel for butt augmentation.

Also another good updations now are that both bariatric surgery patients… Many of them have lost many pounds in… now we want to prove their body contour …….so w perform from face lift and arm lift, breast augmentation, breast lifting, the so called body lift and the penelectomy also.

All those procedure have goal to improved their body contour.

I guess I have operated patients from most of the states of the United States. From California, Florida and Oregon. They are many…

Now I am not very older and middle Asian … I am very new too… and I give my experienced to and I like to perform the newest procedures and we are constantly in contact with important schools and associations of plastic surgery to certify the new procedure so that procedure are secure for the patients.

What is initially important for patients looking for plastic surgery… it is emotionally stable patient who wants the surgery for herself, not because of influence of other people, to have a consciousness of her problem is aimed at real expectations.”

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