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Cataract lens options in Cancun – Mexico

During cataract surgery eye surgeon removes the cloudy lens from the patient’s eye which is in most cases replaced by a permanent IOL (Intraocular lens) lens. Choosing a right intraocular lens depends upon various factors like lifestyle, type
of patient etc.

In the video, leading eye surgeon in Cancun explains various cataract lens type. The actual lenses that were used for cataract surgery were normal intraocular lenses which were fantastic for far and intermediate vision. Since four years ago we start putting multi-focal lenses which are good for far and near vision as well. These have tremendous advantage because people get free from glasses when they have cataract surgery removal.

Lens I am putting now are Alcon multifocal and I am also working with techni and crystal lens. These are different type of multi-focal lens we are operating in to free you of glasses and give you good far and near vision. That was first lens, the second lens I am putting in are also very popular now is a new lens called Toric lens which is far astigmatism. These are fantastic and free you of glasses; you get rid of all astigmatism and have a very good far and intermediate distance.

The third class of intraocular lens we use are normal mono-focal lens. These are natural intraocular lens of alcon which are very good lens, works very good and good for far & intermediate vision.

Which cataract lens is best for me?

It depends upon what type of patient are you and what kind of candidate are you. We will examine you to determines which is best lens for you a Toric lens, multifocal, crystal or just a plain mono focal intraocular lens.

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