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Buttock Implants in Costa Rica

Over 119,000 buttock augmentations were recorded worldwide as surveyed by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2010), and a popular place where people seek buttock implants is Costa Rica as it is a haven for medical tourism. The impact of celebrities like J.Lo and Beyonce has raised demands of a derriere of round, beautiful shape and is causing more people to seek butt implants.

After Buttock Implant Surgery

Many foreigners have become happier with their body after buttock lifts in Costa Rica. The cost is cheaper than the same procedure performed in United States or Canada, and healthcare quality in Costa Rica is among the best in Latin America.

In butt implant surgery, a solid silicone implant is inserted over or under the gluteal (bum) muscle via an incision over the tailbone. The cosmetic surgeon will sculpt the buttock implant (pre-surgery) and position the buttock implant (surgery).

Candidacy for Buttock Implant surgery

  • Posteriors that are flat, disfigured or sag in both sexes, may be corrected by buttock implants.
  • If you are fit or don’t have excess body fat to transfer to the butt, buttock implants can create the rounder, higher and larger butt shape you desire.
  • If resident of the US or Canada, shop around for countries with good medical systems and a low exchange rate. You will find that buttock implants in Costa Rica help you keep more savings in the bank.
  • Women who undergo breast implants may get butt implants to help balance their silhouette front and back.

Buttock Implant Surgery in Costa Rica

  • If you have decided on getting butt implant surgery in Costa Rica, you must discuss the desired outcome with your doctor in advance. Below are some points to consider:
  • If you undergo buttock implant in Costa Rica, you may be required to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days, and may sit comfortable after 1-2 weeks.
  • It may be a good idea to have a companion who can help you move around after surgery as any lower body surgery can be sore. Find out about resorts and local events so recuperation is enjoyable. If you plan for buttock implant surgery in Costa Rica with a companion, factor in the cost and plan ahead.
  • While waiting for a beautiful behind, check out beautiful sights in the pleasant climate.
  • US Dollars may be accepted in a lot of places, but for street shopping and smaller purchases, it would be better to have some cash in local currency on you.
  • While the commonly used language is Spanish, you should be able to find doctors who can converse in English.
  • All cosmetic surgery has risks and patients should read articles and consult their doctor before buttock implant surgery. Normal risks include infection or shifting of the implant.
Beautiful Costa Rica

Benefits of Getting Buttock Implants

  • Confidence over the body even when your back is turned.
  • Freedom of apparels from bikinis, lingerie, swimsuits to jeans. You can even pick some cheap, quality clothes in Costa Rica.
  • Buttock lifts give a fuller feminine figure for her and a perky butt for him.
  • Buttock implants are faster than Brazilian butt lift, and do not need hundreds of fat injections.
  • Lifted butts show vitality and youthfulness.

Why get Butt Implants in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica hospitals and healthcare facilities constantly upgrade with the latest medical equipment and technology.

  • Many of the doctors in Costa Rica are US-trained and have years of experience in aesthetic surgery.
  • Citizens of most Western countries do not require visa to enter Costa Rica. Only a passport with 90-day validity and paid return airline ticket is required.

If you are not satisfied with your butt image, buttock implants may help add more ‘cheek’ to the buttocks. By getting butt implants in Costa Rica, you can not only get a more attractive derriere, but also plan for a perfect beach vacation to show it off.


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