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Weight Loss Surgery in Mexicali, Mexico

Looking for weight loss surgery in Mexico, Mexicali is one of the many great destinations where medical tourism corporation has its network of bariatic surgery hospitals and doctors in Mexico.

Mexicali Weight Loss Surgeon Interview Highlights

  • Experienced in Gastric Bypass, Metabolic, Gap Band and Gastric Sleeve procedures
  • Trained in Surgery in Mexico & Brazil
  • Mexicali is safe city in Baja California, next to international border in California
  • Package includes airport pickup & drop across the border

Above is the interview of Bariatric Surgeon from Mexicali wherein he talks about his qualification, experience and explains different kind of weight loss surgeries. Mexicali is a twin city of Calexico located near US and Mexicao border and is about two hours from San Diego, California.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates weight loss surgery like glap band, gastric sleeve, rny gastric bypass in Mexicali, Mexico in a cost about 50% of what it does in the USA. We hope this video will help in your journey to finding a medical destination of your choice. Fill out the free estimate request form on right for more information.

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