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Revision Weight Loss Surgery Explained by Bariatric Surgeon in Cancun – Mexico

In this video, a leading bariatric surgeon in Cancun, Mexico discusses revision weight loss surgery as an option after an unsuccessful primary bariatric surgery.

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Video Transcription

“Not all surgeries are 100% successful or effective. The Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass or the mini gastric bypass is considered the gold standards of bariatric surgery. It has long term success rate of 88-90% of weight loss at 10 years. Unfortunately, there are 10-20% of all bariatric surgeries that may regain weight.

When you regain weight, we have to see what is going on, especially if you are not overeating, not following directions and if those are being followed, what we need to do is to see if you are candidate to a new surgical procedure, especially when you get at restricted procedure, you may think about getting sleeve done again because my stomach stretched from 20% to 30%. Maybe if I get rid of that 10 extra percent, I will lose weight again.

That is a good idea but in practice it does not work that way. Why? Because when you lose 75-80% of your stomach on the first procedure, you end up losing a lot of weight but you also change your metabolism. Your body learns how to function with less energy. So, when we re-sleeve patient, when we sleeve on top of another sleeve, what we have seen is that the patient indeed lose weight, probably up to 20-25 pounds but no more than that.

So, what we strongly recommend to patients that usually had a restrictive procedure like a lap band or a gastric sleeve, if they regain weight, we should convert them to a gastric bypass, either a Roux-en-Y or mini gastric bypass.

In our experience, we like to go to the mini gastric bypass because of one reason and that is it because you can bypass more. You can go up to three meters for malabsorption, so, patients that regain weight with a restrictive procedure, may go back to their ideal weight and stay there for a long time.

Why Opt for Revision Surgery?

There are several reasons for a revision bariatric surgery, they include:

Complications from initial surgery

Sometimes, there is a complication of the primary surgery and it needs to be fixed with a second procedure. Some examples of this are gastric band slippage and eroding into the stomach. Then the gastric band needs to be repositioned or even removed at times.

Insufficient weight loss

Another situation can be where an individual chooses to undergo bariatric surgery and follows the post surgery diet plan and tends to lose a considerable amount of weight. However, sometimes, a weight loss procedure does not lead to as much weight loss as the individual had hoped for consequently leading to weight regain.

Thus, a secondary bariatric surgery may be needed to achieve desired weight loss or overcome complications.

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