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Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana

If you’ve looked into having weight loss surgery, the price tag probably shocked you. Did you know that it’s far more affordable to have weight loss surgery in Tijuana?

Unfortunately, many insurance companies won’t cover bariatric surgery. Our weight loss surgery clinic in Tijuana provides a safe, affordable alternative. Interested in hearing from our happy customers? Keep reading!

How Much Is Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana?

Weight loss surgery in Tijuana ranges from $3,000 to $7,000. Our all-inclusive rate for gastric sleeve surgery is currently $4,295. Compare that to the average cost of gastric sleeve bariatric surgery in the United States – a whopping $14,500! Gastric bypass in Tijuana costs around $5,000.

Weight loss surgery fees vary in Tijuana depending on which bariatric surgery you have. Gastric bypass is a bit more complex than gastric sleeve, which is why it costs more for this procedure.

Our fee is inclusive. This means that your cost covers the following:

  • Pre-op, post-op, and surgical care
  • Anesthesia and nursing care
  • Lab work
  • Pre- and post-op nutritionist consultations
  • Two-night hospital and hotel stay
  • Accommodations for one companion
  • One week of medications
  • Sleeve-friendly meals
  • Ground transportation
  • Phone calls and Wi-Fi
  • Phone and email support
  • Online support group

What’s the Difference Between Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass?

Though gastric sleeve and gastric bypass sound similar, the surgeries involve two different techniques. According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, you can expect the following:

Gastric Sleeve vs. Gastric Bypass
Basis of Comparison Gastric Sleeve Gastric Bypass
Back to work time 7 to 10 days 14 to 28 days
Weight loss at 12-18 months 60 to 70% 60 to 80%
Change to intestines No change Small intestines are rearranged
Risk of Dumping syndrome Low High
Reversal Not possible Not possible
Revision options Re-sleeve, Gastric bypass Pouch banding, StomaphyX, Duodenal switch conversion
Complication rate

(within 30 days after surgery)

2.6% 5%

The National Institute of Health provides detailed information about bariatric procedures. Click here to learn more about gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

Why Tijuana?

Tijuana, Mexico, is a border town, just 17 miles from San Diego, CA. It is easily accessible by air and car. We cover ground transportation between San Diego International Airport and Tijuana.

Our International Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery clinic rivals any U.S. surgical center. Your pre & post-op stay at the Grand Hotel caters to your specific post-operative needs.

Tijuana is a medical tourism destination for many types of procedures. Therefore, English is commonly spoken. You will have few language barriers if any.

The area is quite “Americanized” and welcoming to visitors from north of the border. Tijuana’s weather is pleasant year-round, with warm summers and cool winters.

Our Weight Loss Surgery Tijuana Team

Every Tijuana weight loss surgery clinic team member is a trained, dedicated professional. Your team will include:

  • Dr. Guillermo Lopez – Bariatric surgeon with over 37 years of experience performing over 5,000 surgeries
  • Aranza Iniguez – Nutritionist
  • Karen – Destination manager
  • Angel – Driver

Is Financing Available for Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana?

Yes! Bariatric surgery financing options can help you achieve your weight loss goals. We realize that this sum can still be a stretch for many.

We offer several medical financing options with companies that provide loans for weight loss surgery. The application process is simple, but a fair (580 and up) credit score is usually required. If you have a low credit score, you may be able to obtain financing with a co-signer.

Other loan approval factors include job status, payment history, income and assets. Are you ready to learn more about bariatric surgery financing? Click here for detailed info on our financing options for Tijuana weight loss surgery.

Tijuana Travel Safety Information

Tijuana is the world’s busiest land border crossing. Is Tijuana safe? Like any big city, Tijuana has dangerous areas and safe areas. Most of the crime you hear about in Tijuana is associated with drug trafficking. It is uncommon for crimes to happen to medical patients or tourists. None of our patients have ever been a victim of crime in Tijuana.

Our weight loss surgery hospital and hotel are in a safe area and have 24-hour security. The Grand Hotel routinely ranks in the top 10 Tijuana hotels on travel websites. The hospital and hotel are connected with a secure tunnel and you will stay on an exclusive floor. This floor is dedicated to the unique needs of post-surgical guests.

Our driver will ensure your safe journey to and from the airport. You and your companion may wish to go shopping or dine out. If so, our destination manager will guide you on choosing the best places to go.

Many Americans travel regularly to Tijuana and describe it as just as safe as most American cities. As when traveling to any major city, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Carry your passport, cash and other valuables in hidden pocket clothing.
  • Don’t flash expensive items or wear expensive jewelry.
  • Stay in well-lit, populated areas.
  • Stay indoors during the late overnight hours.

What Our Customers are Saying

Nothing speaks louder than our satisfied customers. Check out these Tijuana weight loss surgery reviews!

Rod from Texas
Lindsay from Washington
Nancy from Washington

After talking with the staff at Medical Tourism, I was able to choose my hospital that I would have the surgery. I gained a sense of relief. Initially people had negative things to say to me about my decision to seek medical help outside of the U.S. but once they heard about my experience and saw my results they had a different opinion.

Lisa from Arizona


Do you have questions? We have answers!

  • What are your professional affiliations?
  • What WLS procedures can I have at your Tijuana weight loss clinic?
  • Must I visit the weight loss clinic Tijuana facility before my procedure?
  • Can someone travel with me to Tijuana?
  • Will I need a passport to enter Mexico?
What are your professional affiliations?

Our clinic has been designated an International Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery. Twin Towers Hospital is accredited by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC). The hospital is certified by the General Health Council and follows U.S. safety standards. In addition, the Medical Tourism Corporation has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What WLS procedures can I have at your Tijuana weight loss clinic?

We provide gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass surgery.

Must I visit the weight loss clinic Tijuana facility before my procedure?

No. You’re only required to make one trip to Tijuana. All pre-op communication is by phone and email. Your pre-op testing will happen at the hospital the morning of your surgery. However, you’re welcome to visit the facility beforehand if you wish.

Can someone travel with me to Tijuana?

Yes! The cost of one companion’s stay is covered in your fee.

Will I need a passport to enter Mexico?

Yes. A valid passport is required to enter Mexico. We suggest applying for a passport several months in advance. Remember that your companion needs a passport, too.

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