VSG Gastric Sleeve Post-op Day 1 – Tijuana, Mexico

Sleeve gastrectomy review in Tijuana, Mexico by Todd Copley. This video was made one day after his gastric sleeve surgery.



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Video Narration:

Hello! My name is Todd Copley. I found Dr Curiel through Medical Tourism Corporation. And this is my first day after surgery having the gastric sleeve. Everything has been wonderful.

The care has been unbelievable. The facility is very clean. The people are wonderfully nice.  Dr. Curiel did a wonderful job. I will highly recommend anyone considering gastric sleeve surgery to check out Dr. Curiel and Medical Tourism corporation. It’s been a wonderful experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Many medical tourists travel from Canada and the United States to Tijuana for availing affordable gastric sleeve surgery. The Mexican border city offers weight loss surgeries for just a fraction of American prices. Despite the lower prices one can look forward to quality care in well-equipped hospitals manned by competent English-speaking staff.

Here is another video testimonial on sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico by an American who found the service to be “perfect.”

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