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2 Stage Implants vs. Immediate Load Dental Implants

The video shows a leading dental surgeon from Costa Rica discuss the reasons why people prefer 2 stage implants over immediate load dental implants.

Video Narration

“Basically, I think why people are still using the 2 stage implant for doing…surgery to place an implant. It has to be addressed for two reasons, one is they were trained to do that and it’s difficult after especially an implantologist went to school for extra two years or three years just to… implant. When they see such an easy procedure…doesn’t justify all the studies they did. So, they like and there are people that like to see blood and there people that like to really cut cutting and see the whole thing inside and stitches and everything. But that’s just one reason.”

“The other reason I think is just because the big companies doing the implants and there is so much money on them in selling the product and as two stage implants and for one reason only…to do we end up buying more appointments and more stuff just to place the two stage implant and that involves more money. They have to justify all the cost and the way that they’re selling to the whole structure underneath it and teaching and everything. They have to keep doing it because there’s too much money involved. So a lot of the treatments were controlled by big companies because that’s the way they were trained and that’s the way they were planning to sell the product.”

“But the reality is simplest way of placing it and it makes sense, I mean if it’s less, it’s easier for me to place an implant and it’s easier for the patient to recover after the implant and also it becomes easier for everybody. At the same time, we can actually lower the prices and make it a more affordable to a lot of people. I think dentistry, from the may be last  7 years, 8 years maybe more, was developed more for the 10 per cent of the population that had the money to pay for it. Now, we’re seeing that it’s changing a little bit…say that it’s getting more affordable for that rest of the 90 per cent that cannot afford because it used to be that all these people, they did not have the money to do this and latest technology.”

“What they did is just pull out teeth and do a denture or do a partial that was it. Or sometimes they would stay with nothing because it was too expensive to reach the next level which is place an implant, place a crown or place a bridge. Now there is, especially with medical tourism, we’re able to keep the technology to more people, not only in our country; in Costa Rica we’re able to reach more people in the United States, in Canada and Europe because we’re giving the same technology that was unaffordable and unreachable for other people…making it possible for the same kind of money they were paying for simple dentistry.”

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