Two Days Post-op Review of Gastric Sleeve – Tijuana, Mexico

Here is the video testimonial of another Calfornian resident, Kimberley Kamara, who chose to travel to Tijuana for gastric sleeve surgery. Into the second day post gastric sleeve, Kimberley looks a picture of health and is thankful to her bariatric surgeon for being treated well.


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The following is the video’s transcription:

Bariatric Surgeon – Hi I am Dr. Curiel. I am the obesity surgeon of the clinic. And we are with Kimberly Kamara. She is in this…second day of surgery. And yesterday you start with liquids. And you walk in the morning.

How do you feel today?

Kimberley – I feel good.

Bariatric Surgeon – Ok

Kimberley – I feel really good. Besides a little gas here and there but otherwise I am pain-free.

Bariatric Surgeon – Ok

Kimberley – I was treated very well. The staff was very nice. Even the driver was very good. The place is very clean. It exceeded my expectations.

Bariatric Surgeon – Ok. Thank you.

Few minutes ago, we did a swallow test. We took the X-ray and we don’t have any problem. We saw the inside of your stomach. And right now we are going to remove the drain as it is the second day. We are going to remove the drain.

And you can go to the hotel. You can rest one more day. And day after tomorrow you can leave for your house. So thank you very much for everything and it’s a pleasure to know you. Ok? Thank you.

Kimberley – Thank you too and I appreciate it.

Medical Tourism Corporation has helped several poeple get their life back on track by facilitating their gastric sleeve procedures in Mexico. This weight loss review video is complemented by another one in which an American reviews gastric sleeve in the Mexican border town of Tijuana.

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