Torn Meniscus Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico – Review

Watch Wendy and Mike from Calgary, Alberta, Canada talk about coming to Tijuana, Mexico for Wendy’s meniscus repair along with knee cartilage surgery.



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Mike talks about the long wait times in Alberta (about a year in their case) as one of the prime reasons for their choosing to have meniscus surgery in Mexico. Mike also mentions Wendy’s rejection for surgery in another Canadian province on account of her high BMI (body mass index).

Mike is all-praise for the quick service he has experienced in Mexico as well as the friendly people.

Wendy is quick to add that their stay at the hotel has been excellent and that the menu has been “very good.” “We’ll stay in the hotel again. That’s a good hotel,” says Mike.

Wendy also mentions her initial reluctance to spend a night with someone who didn’t speak her language but is glad to have been provided with someone who spoke English. She is also particularly impressed with the staff’s meticulous efforts to keep the surgery center spick-and-span.

On their overall experience having Wendy’s meniscus repair in Tijuana, Mike says it’s been “excellent and we’ll recommend it to others.”

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