Testimonial – Spinal Disc Replacement in Spain

Armin Dejong from Dana Point, California, went to Barcelona, Spain to have a 3-level disc replacement in his cervical spine and is happy tohave resumed full mobility post the surgery. He discusses his whole experience in the below video:


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Video Transcription:

Hi, my name is Armin Dejong and I work for an architect design at movie theaters, live in Dana Point, California. Found out what I had…I needed to have three levels fused in my neck and that was not something I was really comfortable with. So I started doing research and I came across Medical Tourism.

“I sent them my MRIs, I sent them you know the written what needed to be done and they were able to find alternative methods which was…what you call that…artificial disc replacement and they listed about 10 different hospitals all over the world where they could do it and I would maintain my mobility you know, and that was important to me.

“So I ended up choosing for Spain because that was close to my family and I went to Dr. Pablo Clavel at the Barcelona Spine Center and that was just an amazing experience. They put me at the hotel in the heart of Barcelona, it’s only like a 10-minute drive from the hospital. And I’ve had friends who had the other surgery where they fuse the neck and took them probably about 6 months to recover and still not fully.

“Then next day after the surgery I was out of bed, took the neck-raise off and I was able to move around and day after that I was out of the hospital. Amazing experience.

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