Testimonial – Affordable Gall Bladder Removal Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana offers affordable gall bladder removal surgery at world class Mexican hospitals having state of art facilities and internationally trained doctors.

In this video, the patient talks about her experience of medical trip to Mexico and also about the facilities provided to her in the hospital.

Check out the video testimonial where Petsey from Phoenix, Arizona talks about her gall bladder removal surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.



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Video Narration of the Testimonial

“I had this procedure on October 20th, so this is December 3rd today, so it’s just about six weeks ago, so I am fully recovered. The procedure itself, certainly its surgery, so anyway you look at it I had some recovery time but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would recommend that anyone else do it again, I would not hesitate. If something else would come up and hopefully It won’t. If something else would come up, I would again go outside the country and have it.

There were actually just a couple of things that were particular, i am not sure it was just being in Mexico and being at the hospital there or this would be the case everywhere. If I were to go again, my poor husband went with me, he stayed with me through that whole time, we certainly should have packed some snacks for him because it was difficult to get those kinds of things.

They certainly had plenty of food for me and it was delicious but it was, he really needed to be fed and I would have certainly done that. I probably, this sounds very strange but it was very difficult to find linnets, towels and wash cloths. Even they give you back towels but there were several times especially the first time washed cloths would have been nice and I think it’s just a cultural thing, I just don’t thing that….. the linnets were clean, they changed my bedding every single day, they gave me clean bath towel every day.

And then the third thing I would have certainly gone, I think you owe it to some to learn a little bit of their language. There are so many quick and easy courses now and I wish I would have known a little more Spanish than I do. It’s something I have been …….. to do for a while and even a six weeks crash course would have helped. We had Wi-Fi in the hospital which is amazing to me and my husband had a laptop and we were using a little interpreter on the laptop and it worked out pretty well.

Off course, when I stayed in hospital here in phoenix it was outpatient. It was interesting when I went to my doctor, to my gastroenterologist and talked to him about having the procedure done, he had no idea of what it would cost. He couldn’t tell me what the cost would be. But after some research, the assumption was that it was going to be around $35000 dollar procedure.

I have 40000 deductible on my health insurance so I had to look at that. I paid 5600 so I paid $69 for each way two way from San Diego but that was it and we stayed one night at the Maria in Tijuana. The doctor asked us to stay one extra night for some, there, a few little complications but I am sure that I saved $25000 dollars easily over what it would have cost me to have it done here.”

Staff and doctors in Mexico hospitals are fluent in English which makes the communication very comfortable for the international patients. In addition, low cost of surgical procedures like gall bladder removal surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is one of the major reasons why many medical tourists fly to the country for quality healthcare treatment at affordable cost.

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