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Obesity Surgery in Belgium

Overweight people looking to cut the extra fat and stubborn paunches may need to choose a long-term solution like obesity surgery. Such a solution need not be costly. Instead, patients can have a low-cost, high-quality obesity surgery abroad in places like Belgium.

Bariatric Surgery in Belgium

Among the countries which offer obesity surgeries to medical tourists, Belgium is well respected. Belgium has a long-standing reputation of being a preferred destination for obesity surgeries.

Lap band surgery has gained popularity across the globe and has a history of success. Weight loss surgery includes gastric banding or lap band surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass(Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass) and Duodenal Switch, Biliopancreatic Division.
To give a brief comparison of the above surgeries: lap band surgery is minimally invasive and easily reversible whereas gastric bypass surgery is non-reversible and more complicated. While gastric bypass involves making the stomach smaller and allowing food to bypass some areas of the small intestine, lap band surgery involves having a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach with an adjustable stoma which limits the food intake. The risks associated with gastric bypass are more than gastric lap band surgery.

Comparing Lap Band in USA, UK with that in Belgium

The major advantage of lap band surgery in Brussels is the low cost. Obesity surgery in Belgium is on par with U.S./U.K. treatment standards but at much lower costs. Most patients have reported high levels of satisfaction and great results from obesity surgery in Belgium.

A lap band surgery in UK would cost 9,000 to 12,000 pounds and in the US it would be between $17,000 to $30,000, whereas lap band surgery in Belgium can be done at 4,000 pounds or $7,000. Even with travel and accommodation expenses, patients still save quite an enormous amount of money from a lap band surgery in Belgium.

History of Obesity Surgery in Belgium

Belgium has a proven track record of being one of the most trusted destinations for lap band surgery. Most hospitals have been doing weight loss surgery for the last 20 years. The success rate of weight loss surgery in Belgium is very high. Surgery failure because of the surgeon’s error is a rarity. Hence patients can be rest assured about the positive outcome of the surgery.

The fact that an increasing number of medical tourists are flocking to Belgium for weight loss surgery is a testimony to Belgium’s expertise in this field. There are specialist obesity clinics throughout Belgium which offer comprehensive obesity treatment and recuperation packages.

Lap Band in Belgium

Belgium hospitals provide highly specialized services in lap band surgery for obesity. Each patient receives individual care after a thorough study of the reasons which caused obesity. The treatment is optimized and made highly effective which results in most patients returning to work within 3-4 days of the surgery.

Belgians are known to be extremely finicky about cleanliness and it is reassuring to see that the hospitals have a similar attitude. Patient hygiene is a high priority in Belgium hospitals and the occurrence of secondary infections are next to none. The general health care and medical practices are of world class standards.

The quality, experience and skill of the surgeons in Belgium are matchless. To become a surgeon, they have to go through intensive medical education of over 12 years. The doctors are accredited by the Ministry of Public Health. Most doctors in Belgium have their network of doctors in UK and other countries.

Belgium hospitals feature specialist teams of bariatric dieticians and nurses who work with the weight loss surgeon. The surgeons themselves are experts in their fields and some of the Brussels lap band surgeons have achieved breakthroughs in weight loss procedures and have published their findings in major medical publications. Bruxelles obesity surgeons are among the best in the world.

Belgium is a popular destination not only for lap band but also for gastric sleeve surgery abroad.

Advantages of Obesity Surgery in Belgium

Here are some of the benefits that patients can avail by opting for medical treatment in Belgium.

  • Qualified, skilled, and experienced surgeons in Belgium
  • High-quality health care system and modern medical infrastructure
  • Low-cost surgery compared to that in US, UK, or any other European country
  • Immediate attention to patients and quick treatment. Most patients need to stay in the hospital only for a day because of the use of minimally invasive methods of surgery
  • Exceptional post-operative care
  • Low-risk surgery with excellent long-term results
  • Conducive climate for speedy recovery from treatment
  • Preferred tourist destination

Though French and German are the main languages, English is also widely spoken. Patients will not find any difficulty in communicating with doctors. Interpreter services are also available for patients.

Apart from being a tourist destination and well-loved for its history and culture, Belgium is close to the UK and other European countries. Its rich culture, natural beauty and great weather are additional reasons why patients should be choosing Belgium for obesity surgery abroad.

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