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Medical Tourism in Mexico – Video

Medical tourism in Mexico is rapidly increasing. Self-paying American and Canadian patients now opting to travel to Mexico for various treatments and surgical procedures. Below is a video giving important information on Mexico as a medical tour destination with special emphasis on Mexican cities like Tijuana and Monterrey, offering state-of-the-art medical facilities at affordable costs.

Mexico Medical Travel – Reasons for Popularity

Low cost of treatments is probably the biggest reason which attracts patients from America and Canada to Mexico. The country sometimes remains as the only affordable option for uninsured Americans. Medical tours to Mexico are feasible for patients from the US and Canada due to its proximity to their own countries. Tijuana and Monterrey, which are hugely popular Mexico medical travel destinations, are only half hour away from the San Diego Airport and an hour’s flight away from Texas respectively. Also, Monterrey is only a 4 hour drive from Texas. Patients can opt to fly or simply drive down to their desired medical destination.

Mexico hospitals are accredited and offer high quality of treatment and care. The doctors are trained and certified. Also, some treatments are readily and more easily available in Mexico than in the US. It is also a great place for a vacation offering travelers multiple options in terms of shopping and sight seeing. Medical travel to Mexico is therefore viewed as a complete vacation experience.

Mexico Medical Travel – Some Things to Consider

Gang wars and violent crimes are not uncommon in Mexico. These are not targeted at tourists or any nationality in particular but one could get affected if caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is, therefore, always safe to use hospital arranged transport or authorized, approved pre-paid taxis so that one does not get lost.

  • Visits to nightclubs and bars are not suggested.
  • Use ATMs at large, protected facilities only.
  • Avoid driving on your own.
  • Avoid buying ice and drinks and purchasing food from the street.

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